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Suspension Repair Andover

Suspension Repair AndoverHave you ever watched a suspenseful car movie that made you want to go out and get in your minivan and just take sharp turns around the neighborhood? Oh, we are the only ones watching that one? Okay, fine! Just try watching ‘The Fast and The Furious’ and then pull up next to a sports car on a deserted stop light. In all honesty, you may not need sharp turns or a fast car to feel what those cars are feeling in the movies. At Clark Automotive, we understand the ins and outs of cars. If you live in or around Andover, MN, it may be time to check your car’s suspension!

Suspension Suspicions

In just about every recently dated car, the suspension systems on the cars are located in the front and rear to help you, as the driver, have a good quality ride. How is it that we don’t feel like those cars in the movies when we take a turn even going 35 mph? The sway bar links on a car or truck is the first line of defense. It reduces the car sway when it turns. Sorry, minivan lovers, your days of feeling like you are in a race car are over! Well, unless your sway bar links are broken. Another issue that may happen are the struts and/or shock absorbers. When these need to be replaced, you can sometimes even feel the ride quality change. However, it’s not an immediate issue. You may not even notice until someone else takes a drive or you hop in another car. Lastly, we all know that driving in Andover, MN is not easy. The pot holes and torn up roads will always lead to suspension issues like ball joint replacements, springs loosening, tie rod ends changed out, control arms replaced, and even various bushings. So, how do you really know? If you are suspicious of your suspension, Clark Automotive can help!

Clark Automotive Suspension Repair

If you suspect that a suspension repair is in your near future, just give us a call. We offer free test drives to assess the issues that your vehicle may be having. We also offer free estimates regarding whatever suspension repair issues that may be happening. We have all of the equipment necessary and the unequivocal knowledge to diagnose and repair your suspension problems.

If you live in or around Andover, MN and you’ve been noticing that your ride seems a little off, or perhaps even your steering has been acting weird, it’s time to call Clark Automotive. Call us today at (763) 784-7944 and get your vehicle back in shape!

Alternator Replacement Andover MN

Alternator Replacement Andover MNThe alternator. For those who aren’t experts in car mechanics, there’s a good chance that you don’t really know what an alternator is or what it does. It’s also likely that you are only reading this because someone told you that an alternator replacement is in your near future. If this is you, welcome to Clark Automotive. We are your auto mechanic experts for Andover, MN so that you don’t have to be.

Alternator Replacement

Dim lights, weak or dead batteries, weird smells, odd sounds, and that infamous warning light that alerts you when something is wrong. These are all nice, little warning signs that your alternator may be running towards the bright light.  The alternator is the electric generator of your car. Think back to physics. The alternator converts all of the mechanical energy your car is making into electrical energy. This current runs the engine and lots of other accessories. Headlights, radio, windshield wipers, and the heated seats of certain cars are just a few examples. Basically, anything that requires electrical energy is sourced through the alternator. So when it’s time for an alternator replacement, you’ll know it!

Your Neighborhood Auto Shop

Clark Automotive has been serving the Andover, MN community for over 17 years. We are your auto mechanic experts that want to give you peace of mind when your car feels like it’s breaking – and so is the bank. As experts in alternator replacement, our first job is to listen to you. Our friendly and experienced technicians will talk about the signs and experiences you are having with your car. We will rule out any other problems, like a dead battery or starter issues. Once we have completely concluded that an alternator replacement is necessary for your vehicle, we will perform the repair or replace it if necessary. We are an auto shop that offers expert care at an affordable price. When you choose our auto shop, you are simply choosing the best. We provide quality replacement parts and will only do the repairs that need to be done. We have your best interests and safety in mind. We also provide courtesy rides and loaner vehicles so that fixing your car does not disturb your daily routine.

For more information on alternator replacement or any other auto mechanic problems, Call Clark Automotive near Andover, MN today. Our auto shop has flexible and extended hours. Contact us today at (763) 784-7944.

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