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When Should I Get My Tires Aligned?

When Should I Get My Tires Aligned?Think about how many times a day you drive over a speed bump or a pothole on your drive to work, school, or the grocery store. Each and every one of those speed bumps and potholes can cause your tires and wheels to become misaligned. This can cause a drop in gas mileage, uneven wear and tear on your tire, which means you may have to replace them more often. Getting your car aligned periodically is an important part of regular vehicle maintenance. Clark Automotive can complete an alignment check quickly for you when you stop by our Blaine, MN auto shop.

Signs You May Be In Need Of An Alignment Include:

● Your car pulls to the left or right when the wheel is straight
● You do not feel like you have as much steering control as you are used to
● You can see that the tread on your tires is uneven
● You are not getting optimal gas mileage
● Your steering wheel is not level when you are driving straight ahead

Vehicle Alignment Recommended With An Oil Change

Alignment is a very inexpensive but important maintenance step that is a relatively easy investment in the long term health of your vehicle. Your car should feel smooth and connected to the road – that is how we know that we are safe. We recommend an alignment every 6-12 months when you have your regular oil change. Your car’s suspension absorbs bumps and needs to be checked as well at that time. The experienced team at Clark Automotive will evaluate your car’s suspension and alignment and make necessary adjustments so that you are safe and your car is running well this winter.

Clark Automotive is a local auto repair shop that has built its reputation on being honest with our clients, providing strong and courteous customer service and affordable prices. We understand that spending your hard earned money on car repairs may not be your favorite thing in the world, but we promise to make working with us work for you. After all, your car is one of your most important investments. It gets you where you need to go and keeps you and your family safe. Routine maintenance can go a long way to save you money on more significant repairs over time.

Local Auto Shop In Blaine MN

If you are noticing issues that make you think that your alignment is off or your suspension needs to be checked, give us a call at 763-784-7944.

Two-Wheel Vs. Four-Wheel Alignment: What’s The Difference?

Two-Wheel Vs. Four-Wheel Alignment: What’s The DifferenceWhile driving along the road, you may find yourself battling with the steering wheel as your vehicle appears to want to drift to the right or left without warning. Is this anything you have experienced before? If you are having troubles like this, it may be time for an alignment. When you have your vehicle’s alignment checked, you are guaranteeing a safer and smoother ride while also extending the life of your tires. In addition to having your wheels aligned, it ensures excellent drivability while burning less energy (fuel savings). While most modern cars recommend a 4-wheel alignment, your car may only require a 2-wheel, or front-end alignment. So, what is the difference between a front-end alignment and a 4-wheel alignment?

Front-End Alignment

A front-end alignment is also referred to as a two-wheel alignment. As the name implies, the mechanic will only perform wheel alignment on the vehicle’s front wheels. It may incorporate toe, camber, and caster adjustments, among other features. Some vehicles are equipped with a solid rear axle that never needs to be adjusted. In addition to doing a front-end alignment, the technician may be required to execute what is known as a “thrust angle adjustment.” In general, it is a method that allows the technician to assess whether each of the four wheels is “square” with the other three wheels.

Four-Wheel Alignment

In most cases, if your vehicle is an all-wheel-drive type with separate suspensions, it will require a four-wheel alignment to function correctly. As you could expect, this four-wheel alignment procedure typically entails the adjustment of all four wheels at the same time. A caster and a front toe adjustment are included in the service. The rear wheels will have their camber and toe adjusted, as will the front wheels.

Understanding When You Need Wheel Alignment Services

You don’t need to know or understand the specific differences between the two types of wheel alignment services. If you notice any indicators of wheel misalignment (for example, the vehicle is dragging to one side). In that case, your car may require professional assistance. The mechanic will determine if a front-end or four-wheel alignment is necessary.

ASE-Certified Mechanics In Blaine Minnesota

Bring your vehicle to Clark Automotive in Blaine, MN if you notice that the steering is a little shacky. To check for alignment, our ASE-certified mechanics employ the most up-to-date equipment. Allowing the situation to persist may result in excessive and premature tire wear. Clark Automotive can perform both two-wheel/front-end and four-wheel alignment services on vehicles of any make or model, of any year. Contact us at (763) 784-7944 with any questions or fill out the contact form to schedule an appointment.

Steering, Alignment, And Suspension Repairs

Steering, Alignment, And Suspension RepairsIf you have lived in Minnesota even for a short time, you know that winter here can be brutal. Even a winter with relatively few snowstorms will wreak havoc on the roads you drive on. One snowfall that creates the need for plows to clear snow from road surfaces will create new potholes and damage old ones that had been “repaired.” Nothing is more likely to cause problems with your vehicle’s alignment and/or suspension than a perfectly placed pothole that is disguised as an innocent puddle or shadow on the road. Clark Automotive knows destructive potholes can be for your vehicle. We can help repair the damage that happens so often from hitting them—alignment and suspension problems, and, by extension, steering issues.

Do I Need My Alignment Checked?

Your vehicle is designed to tolerate normal bumps, divots, and cracks in the road surface, but some are deep enough to damage your vehicle. Minnesota roads often seem intent on doing damage to vehicle suspensions, but the truth is that all vehicles’ suspensions will need occasional maintenance, even in the best of road conditions. Over time, and because of the forces exerted on your vehicle’s tires, shock absorbers/struts, and suspension system, you will need to have your vehicle’s alignment checked, at a minimum. You may notice that your vehicle drifts slightly to the right or the left, which is the classic indication that your vehicle’s wheels have become misaligned.

Even a slight measure of misalignment can be problematic for your vehicle—it can cause uneven wear of the tires, limiting their life span and potentially putting you at risk for a blow-out. Regular tire maintenance and a check of your wheel alignment is usually all that is needed to ensure that nothing so drastic occurs. But the larger point is that regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that a relatively small problem of wheel misalignment does not grow to a larger problem.

Repairing Suspension, Alignment And Steering Issues

If your vehicle has issues with alignment and/or the suspension, the connectivity of systems determines that you could also notice issues with your steering system. Major problems of alignment or suspension could mean that your steering is more difficult to control. It is important, therefore, to ensure that all of the interrelated components work in concert with each other and are balanced with each other.

If you have a minor or more serious issue with your suspension, alignment or steering, please call us at (763) 784-7944.

ASE Certified Auto Mechanics

ASE Certified Auto Mechanics Blaine, MNIf you move to a new city or new part of the country, one thing you are almost guaranteed to hear is the importance of finding a trustworthy auto mechanic.  At Clark Automotive, we work hard to earn the trust of our customers.  In fact, we take the trust of our customers so seriously that we have taken the steps to be ASE-certified.  ASE is an abbreviation that refers to the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence, a non-profit that tests and certifies auto service providers in technical and service expertise.

Our staff offers expertise in all major areas of automotive service, and we always seek to provide the best repairs possible for the lowest cost possible. Moreover, we are committed to giving you honest service because we know that the only way to maintain the trust of our customers is to consistently demonstrate how much you matter to us.

Comprehensive Auto Repair Shop in Blaine, MN

Comprehensive Auto Repair Shop in BlaineAs you certainly know, the Minnesota weather can be harsh on automobiles.  Extremes of weather and temperature can hasten the need for new batteries, hoses, and other essential components of your car.  Whether you consider your car a prized possession or a simple transportation tool, you want it to keep you safe, at a minimum, while driving it.  Our mechanics understand that.  We care about your experience as a customer and we want to make sure that the work we do on your car fixes the problem the first time.

Many auto mechanics have a reputation for being something less than honorable and honest.  We strive to be different, which is why we achieved ASE-certification.  The shops that consider your car as just another in a line of problems they need to fix are not likely to care about you or your experience with them.  But we know that you can take your car anywhere, and because of that we are much more committed to making your experience with Clark Auto a positive one.  But in addition to being good servants to our customers, we know that we also have to be excellent technicians.  That is precisely why we are ASE-certified.

Below are some of the services we offer:

  • electrical problems
  • starter replacement
  • steering repair
  • timing belts
  • brake replacement
  • alternator repair/replacement
  • engine tune-ups
  • climate system repairs
  • radiators
  • dead battery replacement
  • computer diagnostics
  • suspension repair
  • alignment issues
  • new tires and tire rotations

ASE Certified Mechanics In Blaine, MN

We have worked hard to help our customers feel confident that they can trust our work on their cars.   Just as important is what we tell them about the work we do on their cars.  As a result of taking our ASE-certification so seriously, we have a very loyal customer base, and we would love to welcome you to that list.  Contact Clark Automotive by calling (763) 784-7944.

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