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Mechanic Services In Blaine Minnesota

Mechanic Services In Blaine MinnesotaWhen you want to get a haircut before a big event, do you trust just anyone to take scissors to your hair? How about when you’re sick? If you are trying to seek medical advice, do you go to your doctor or just find someone off the street? The idea that all auto repair shops in Blaine, Minnesota are created equal is just not true. When you are searching for a quality repair shop in Blaine, Minnesota, the first and only place you should go to is Clark Automotive. We are a certified mechanic’s shop that has been providing quality service to our customers for over nearly 40 years!

Since 2001, Clark Automotive has been providing quality automotive services at affordable prices. We take great pride in our work and have always been a leader among mechanics in quality, affordability, and technology. Our shop itself utilizes state-of-the-art auto repair technology to service all types of vehicles and drive down the prices of repairs. Using state-of-the-art technology allows us to service and repair your vehicle in a timelier manner as well. Our Blaine auto repair shop provides flexible hours, a local courtesy shuttle service and yes, we have a few loaner cars that can get you to where you need to be while your vehicle is being serviced. At Clark Automotive, we are not just interested in repairing your car one time, we want to be your family or company fleet go-to auto repair shop and all we ask is the opportunity to prove it!

Long-Term Automotive Clients

One of the greatest benefits to being a part of our community for so long is building relationships with our customers and maintaining relationships with our parts dealers. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, we are confident that we can obtain the parts we need to fix your vehicle in a timely manner.

ASE-Certified Technicians In Blaine

No matter how much technology we have and no matter how well our customer skills may be, nothing compares to the quality work that our ASE-certified technicians provide. Every technician that works on your vehicle is ASE-certified and continues to attend training sessions throughout the year so that we stay completely up to date with the latest and greatest technology and trends in automotive repair.

Comprehensive Auto Repair Services Located In Blaine MN

Once you begin your relationship with Clark Automotive, you can be assured that their expertise in auto repair is comprehensive. Some of the many services offered by Clark Automotive include brake work, tire repair and replacement, engine diagnostics, exhaust repairs, electrical repairs, pre-purchase inspections, heating and air conditioning repairs, and warranty repairs.

If you live or work in Blaine, Minnesota and are looking for a reliable, certified mechanic’s shop, it’s time you visit us here at Clark Automotive. For more information or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today at (763) 784-7944.

Automotive Mechanic By Me

Automotive Mechanic By MeHiring a reliable automotive mechanic can be a very intimidating experience. When you think about finding an automotive mechanic by me, you want to find someone that you can truly trust. Your car is one of the most expensive purchases you’ll ever make so you want to make sure your mechanic is someone that will help you to keep your car on the road as opposed to in the shop! At Clark Automotive, we’re ASE certified mechanics ready to handle all of your auto repair needs in the Blaine, Minnesota and surrounding areas.

ASE Certified Automotive Mechanic

ASE stands for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. A mechanic that is deemed to be ASE certified must go through rigorous testing every two years and even more importantly, must be retested every five years. This ensures that mechanics are keeping up to date on the latest automotive technologies which can be extremely difficult to diagnose when problems arise.

It’s also important to understand that the ASE is a fully independent, non-profit organization that has been around since 1972 focused on improving the quality of auto repair. This ensures that the designation of being an ASE certified mechanic really carries significant weight in the auto repair industry.

Why Choose Clark Automotive As Your Local Auto Mechanic?

There are many auto mechanics in the Blaine, MN and surrounding areas, so why choose Clark Automotive? Well, we’re glad you asked and thought we’d put together a few key traits that separate our car repair shop from some of the others:

Decades of Auto Repair Experience – Our ASE certified mechanics have decades of experience helping Blaine car owners get back on the road as soon as possible. This level of trust that we’ve built in our community is not something that we take for granted.
Loaner Cars – If you need to bring your car in for an extended repair, we’ll happily provide you with a loaner car so you can go about your day as normal.
Work on All Makes and Models – At Clark Automotive we work on all major makes and models including hybrid vehicles as well.
Pre-Purchase Inspections – Looking to purchase a preowned car? Bring it by our shop and we’ll perform a pre-purchase inspection to ensure you’re buying a quality vehicle.

Trustworthy Auto Mechanic in Blaine

At Clark Automotive, it’s always been our mission to be trustworthy and upfront in everything we do. If you’d like to try out a new auto repair experience, feel free to reach out to us today at (763) 784-7944, or stop by our shop at 9985 Davenport St. NE in Blaine, MN.

Affordable Blaine Auto Repair Shop

Affordable Blaine Auto Repair Shop Many auto shops make grand claims about their affordability, accountability, and dependability. And lots of those shops fall short because they know that such claims do not need to be backed up in order to make a profit. Sadly, very few of them ever stop to think about the implications of valuing profit over the people to whom they offer their services. Clark Automotive is different. We have been successful because we know that our customers are at least as responsible for our success as our knowledge of automobile repair. When we make the claim that we are an affordable Blaine auto repair shop, we are prepared to back up the claim.

Local Auto Repair Shop Focused on Customer Service

Clark Automotive is not a huge, national chain that demands non-stop profits from its franchises. We are a smaller shop with deep ties to our community. Many of our customers have been bringing their vehicles to us for years. They do so because they know that their loyalty to Clark Automotive is returned with loyalty to our customers.
Another important benefit to being a smaller shop is that it allows us to keep our prices affordable. By prioritizing customer loyalty, we can count on a great deal of repeat business. That, in turn, means that we do not need to hike prices on customers who will never bring their vehicles back to us. We can charge reasonable prices and count on our customers knowing that we profit from their repeat business rather than charging exorbitant prices knowing that those customers will go elsewhere next time. Because we value being a part of the community, we demonstrate our respect for our customers by delivering honest assessments of their vehicles’ needs and never over-charging.

Honest and Affordable Car Repair in Blaine, MN

What we are talking about here is trust. We aspire to make all of our customers consider Clark Automotive as trustworthy, and our mechanics are on the front line of that effort. We understand that mechanics have a specific kind of expertise that most of our customers do not have. That makes customers vulnerable to the work that mechanics do to their vehicles. But we established our business with the value of honesty and accountability, and it is present in its strongest form among our mechanics. When they are hired, they know how strongly we value accountability, and they choose to work at Clark Automotive because they agree with that value.
This effort adds up to Clark Automotive being the most dependable local auto repair shop you can find. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment for your vehicle, give us a call at (763) 784-7944.

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