Spark Plug Replacement Services in Blaine MN

Jun 15, 2019

Spark Plug Replacement Services in Blaine MNIf you are like most people, you understand that spark plugs are essential to a car’s performance, but you may not know exactly how they work and why they are so important. If you have a good relationship with your auto mechanic, you probably do not need to know the details. It may be sufficient to entrust your car’s care to your mechanic. Clark Automotive works hard to establish trusting relationships with all of our customers, and we offer excellent spark plug replacement services in Blaine, MN.

Does Your Vehicle Need New Spark Plugs?

Spark plugs do exactly what their name suggests—they create sparks that ignite your car’s optimal fuel-air mix, which creates the energy that powers your car. Replacing spark plugs is not terribly complicated but doing so correctly requires professional training and experience. All spark plugs will eventually fail, and they will show signs of failure. When you see these signs, it is best to bring your car into our shop. Below are some of the signs your car will show when your spark plugs are nearing the end.

  1. You may notice that it is more difficult to start your car. If the cause of starting difficulty is your spark plugs, it is likely due to their insufficient production of sparks. The most common symptom is that the engine will not start immediately and is likely to stall once it does start. Failing spark plugs can also take a toll on the battery too, so it is best to get them replaced before they have a negative impact on other components of your vehicle.
  2. Your car’s engine may misfire. You may notice inconsistent movement of your car when you attempt to accelerate, or you may notice that the engine seems to want to shut down while your car is idling. If you notice that your car’s engine misfires, your spark plugs may need to be replaced. We recommend replacing them as soon as possible to prevent damage that could be done to the car’s catalytic converter by waiting too long.
  3. Decreased fuel efficiency. Spark plugs help with the proper level of combustion of fuel. When they fail, your car’s fuel consumption will increase.
  4. Idling becomes uneven. The way your car idles is something you grow accustomed to. When you notice changes in its idling—e.g., if you notice it idling at lower RPMs or feel strange vibrations—it could be failing spark plugs.
  5. Diminished acceleration. If your car does not respond as it normally does, failing spark plugs could be the cause. Not only is this a performance issue, it is also a potential safety issue.

Trusted Auto Shop in Blaine, MN

Bring your car into Clark Automotive in Blaine, MN and we will be happy to replace your spark plugs. Call us at (763) 784-7944 if you have any questions.

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