Simple MN Vehicle Maintenance

May 27, 2021

Simple MN Vehicle MaintenanceHave you ever wanted to just go into an auto shop, get your vehicle maintenance completed, and then just get out. Easy, simple and back out on the road again. At Clark Automotive, we love to see all of our Minnesota customers, but we understand that coming in for vehicle maintenance isn’t always fun. Here, there are no gimmicks, no pressure to do more and no sleazy hidden fees. Our expert technicians perform high quality work at a fair price and then send you safely on your way.

Benefits Of An Engine Tune-up

Whether you’ve hit your vehicle’s recommended miles or you’ve just started to notice that your vehicle’s performance is lacking, an engine tune-up is the right thing to do. Engine tune-ups provide great benefits. They can increase your gas mileage, ensure that your car is running smoothly and perhaps even prevent a bigger problem from happening in the near future. When you bring your vehicle into Clark Automotive, we will examine your vehicle and its components. We will assess all aspects of your vehicle as we perform the tune-up, just to ensure that you are good to go!

What does An Engine Tune-up Include?

At Clark Automotive, we are big believers in always putting our customers first. We will never try to sell you on unnecessary repairs or costly projects that are not needed. Our engine tune-ups are simple. We will assess your spark plugs and wires and see if they need replacement. We will change out the old transmission fluid, along with an oil change. We will provide new air, oil and fuel filters in all areas as well as top off all the fluids and lubrication areas. We will also check for any leaks in your system. No matter what type of vehicle you may have, Clark Automotive is here to help keep your vehicle running flawlessly out on the road. If we find anything worth mentioning, we will go ahead and estimate any costs for you, leaving no hidden fees or surprises at the door.

At Clark Automotive, we are your neighborhood auto shop in Minnesota that is ready and willing to simply serve our community. If you are looking for simple vehicle maintenance, why wait another second? For more information about our simple vehicle maintenance services here at Clark Automotive, come visit our auto repair shop today. Call or book an appointment today at (763) 784-7944 or email

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