Tire Rotation, Repair & Replacement Blaine, MN

Tire Rotation Blaine MN

Tire Rotation Blaine MN

Tire Rotation, Repair and Replacement for Domestic, Fleet, Pickup Trucks & Hybrid vehicles

Why and when to rotate your vehicles tires?

  • Front and rear tires wear differently; front wear down faster
  • Extend the life of your tires
  • Look at your vehicle’s manual for when to rotate tires, usually it’s between 3,000 to 7,000 miles

It is recommended that vehicle owners buy a complete set of four tires all at once. Because of this, a tire rotation will ensure that you’ll get the longest performance life out of each of your four tires. Front tires assist the vehicle with turning and the overall steering; this is why wear happens much faster in the front. A regular tire rotation and tire balance will guarantee you will not have to replace your front tires long before your back tires.

What is the importance of proper tire repair and replacement?

  • Tires are key in assisting a vehicles break system
  • Flat or damaged tires can lead to a blowout or complete loss of vehicle control
  • An improper tire patch will most likely not withstand road wear and tear
  • It is important to know what damages can be repaired and when the tire needs to be completely replaced
  • The location of the tire damage is not always visible or easily identified and there could be more that one damaged location
  • Correct tire mounting is crucial to make certain the tire is and stays securely attached while in motion

Make sure to inspect all four of your tires about once a month for any signs of low tire pressure, bulges, cracks, punctures or debris embedded in the tread. Also, if you have filled your tire up and it’s quickly gone flat again or your car is handling differently, it’s time to get a tire inspection. Our experts will dismount and inspect the tire, identify the cause of pressure loss and distinguish if your tire needs to be plugged, patched or replaced.

If improper repairs are completed, the result could lead to not only needing a professionals help with the original tire damage but the damage could extend to other areas of your vehicle, such as your steering and suspension. If you’re not sure what to do about your tire problem, don’t take a guess on how to fix it, this will only risk safety. Call the professionals at Clark Automotive; our certified technicians only perform repairs that are up to the highest industry standards.

At Clark Automotive, we service vehicles from all around the Blaine area.

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