Starter Replacement & Repair Services Coon Rapids, MN

Starter Repair and Replacement for Domestic, Fleet, Pickup Trucks & Hybrid vehicles

Starter Replacement Coon Rapids MN

Starter Replacement Coon Rapids MN

If your car makes clunking, whining noises, or does nothing at all, it could be a result of a faulty starter.

When you turn the key in your vehicle the battery is supposed to send electricity to the starter, which then sends power the motor. If you turn your key and hear a clicking sound, a slight vibration or nothing at all, there is a high possibility you need a new starter.

At Clark Automotive our qualified technicians serving Coon Rapids will evaluate the reason your vehicle is not starting. Once determined that the starter is in fact the problem and not the battery, alternator or any loose electrical connections, our mechanics will find the correct starter for your vehicle’s make and model and replace it. After our replacement you won’t have to worry about a thing such as being stranded at home or around town. Before we give your vehicle back, we will make 100% sure it’s starting, running and operating smoothly!

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