Second Opinion on Auto Repairs Andover

2nd Opinion on Auto Repairs Andover MN

Auto Repairs 2nd Opinion Andover MN

Have you just received a surprisingly costly repair estimate? Are you wondering if the work is even needed? Maybe you are hoping for a more affordable repair but your current shop won’t budge, these are just a few reasons to get a second opinion. Clark Automotive, near Andover, offers second opinions as a way to inform and explain to the vehicle owner what is occurring. Driving down to our shop could save you from a mechanics misdiagnosis, irrationally high prices or even a possible scam. Having a second opinion puts the owner in control, not the shop.

Some reasons to get a second opinion from Clark Automotive

  • You brought your car in to a shop for routine maintenance but now they are telling you hundreds of dollars of work is needed
  • You have never heard of the repairs they’re mentioning and don’t understand but the shop is still pushing you for a go-ahead
  • A major repair is needed and you know it but you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal on the service and the highest quality parts

Whether your vehicle is facing some expected repairs or you are completely surprised at what another shop has told you, it would be beneficial to consider driving over to Clark Automotive near Andover. We will get you the straight forward repair facts and honest answers about your vehicle. Don’t pay for needless repairs, call our shop today with any questions, we are here to help!

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