Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspections Ham Lake

Pre-Purchase Inspection for Domestic, Fleet, Pickup Trucks & Hybrid vehicles

Pre-vehicle Inspection Ham Lake MN

Pre-vehicle Inspection Ham Lake MN


If you are looking into purchasing a used vehicle from a dealer, mechanic or from the previous owner in Ham Lake, be sure to be smart about it and test drive your possible new car to Clark Automotive today. Call us at 763-784-7944 to schedule an appointment. Normally, we will let you drive right over. When you’re buying a car and you’re not a mechanic it is hard to debate if what the seller says is truthful. A pre-purchase inspection will ensure you are not paying overprice, being scammed or it might show you’re getting one heck of a deal. A lot of the time, spending $90 on a pre-purchase inspection at Clark Automotive can save you more on the overall price you pay. If one of our mechanics puts your vehicle the air and notices something that isn’t a deal breaker but is important, you can then go back to the seller and negotiate price based on your newly found knowledge of the vehicles condition. Clark Automotive will give you an unbiased, professional 3rd party opinion for any vehicle make and model around Ham Lake.

Our Pre-Purchase Inspection includes:

  • Exterior – Our mechanics will examine at the overall look, condition and quality of the exterior of the vehicle, which includes body dents, scratches or other damages, tire, paint, glass, windshield and mirror conditions.
  • Under The Car – Our technicians will hoist the vehicle in the air to observe for any leaks, rust and look at the overall quality of the exhaust and brake system.
  • Under The Hood – We will check fluid levels, overall performance and belt conditions
  • Interior – Our mechanics will observe the upholstery conditions, light and seat belt operations and sensors, we will also check if the heat and air are working.
  • Test Drive – We will even take the vehicle on a little test drive of our own, to see how it handles and if the driving conditions set off any other warning signals, such as transmission, steering, brake or suspension issues.
  • Computer Scan – We will provide a list of codes and recommendations.

You will be happy you spent a little time and money before your purchase; piece of mind is only a call away at Clark Automotive today.

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