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Tune Up Andover MN

Tune Up Andover MN

Is something not right about the way your vehicle has been driving? Or perhaps you’ve got a warning light on your dashboard? What do you do? Today’s vehicles are manufactured with on-board computers continuously monitoring and storing information about the performance and/or trouble of your vehicle.

Why Has A Warning Light Come On?

A warning light comes on because the computer has sensed a signal, from one of the engines components, that is outside its normal check engine light operating range. The computer then sends a signal to turn on a light to let you know something is wrong.

Check Engine Light Repair

While warning lights are on, and the car still appears to be driving “fine”, ignoring some lights can lead to serious issues such as engine or other component failure. In some instances, this can be a safety hazard. That’s why it is recommended to be safe and give yourself peace of mind by having your car looked at by a certified professional as soon as possible.

Car Engine Diagnostic Services

Clark Automotive has the tools, training and technology to handle diagnostic issues, such as a check engine lights, drivability or emission problems fast and affordable. Our complete diagnostic procedure includes checking the following:

  • Critical sensor data and status information
  • Engine vacuum and back-pressure
  • Mechanical and electrical engine timing
  • Ignition system
  • Emissions system
  • Performing electrical and/or mechanical tests
  • Test drives to confirm suspension issues
  • Visual inspections
  • Updating of vehicle’s computer software

How long will it take to diagnose my problem?
In most cases, we can actually find & fix the problem relatively quickly schedule your appointment today!

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