Providing Fleet Maintenance In Blaine Minnesota

Nov 23, 2021

Providing Fleet Maintenance In Blaine MinnesotaWhether your fleet consists of a single sedan or a multitude of large or small trucks, fleet maintenance is crucial. To keep your business from falling behind, a fleet vehicle preventative maintenance plan should be put in place with Clark Automotive, no matter how many cars or trucks are included, so you know that they are ready to go each business day. We schedule around your business hours, keeping your business on the road. Providing fleet maintenance for businesses in and around Blaine, Minnesota

The importance Of Regular Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

Do not wait until your fleet vehicle breaks down to perform maintenance. That is inefficient and leads to more expensive solutions, and besides, it creates scheduling nightmares. Be proactive and schedule all preventative maintenance for your vehicles. You’ll find these scheduled maintenance appointments to be more effective and they give you time to fix problems before they cause problems with your business.

Keep Vehicle Repair Costs Low

By completing routine maintenance for your fleet vehicles there is a much lesser chance of break down or needing more extensive repairs. The money spent on preventative maintenance will be less than the money spent when vehicles suffer catastrophic failure.

Avoid Roadside Repairs And Towing

When your driver needs to call for roadside assistance services, it’s not just inconvenient – depending on where they are, it can even be dangerous. Either way, it’s almost certainly going to be more expensive to have the mechanic come to you. And if you’re planning on moving the vehicle to the shop, you can tack on the cost of towing.

Extend The Life Of Your Work Vehicles

Treat your vehicles well and they’ll reward you with more durability and performance. Think of it as choosing a healthy lifestyle for your fleet. It’ll take less energy and resources to fix minor problems if you address them before they become major problems, and it’ll ensure that your vehicles stay on the road for years to come.

Improved Bottom Line

When all’s said and done it all comes down to the bottom line. A well-maintained fleet is going to use less fuel, not break down and get you or your staff to every single appointment that you have on the calendar. What do all these things translate to? Happy customers who are more likely to use you again and refer you to others.

Serving the Blaine and Greater Minneapolis, MN market, Clark Automotive offers timely service by ASE-certified mechanics on routine maintenance and unexpected repairs. Loaner vehicles and pickup services are available. Call Clark Automotive at (763) 784-7944 and we’ll make sure all your transportation, maintenance and replacement needs are met for your fleet!

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