Pre-Purchase Inspection Catches

Jun 20, 2022

Pre-Purchase Inspection Catches Buying a used car instead of new can seem like a cost-effective choice, however sellers aren’t typically upfront about the condition of the car they’re selling. Whether or not information is left out intentionally, you’re better off safe than sorry when it comes to understanding what you’re putting thousands of dollars towards and what other costs may follow soon after.

A good pre-purchase inspection should check all major systems within your car. Overall, this inspection should verify that all systems of the car you’re considering purchasing are working efficiently. They’ll catch any impending issues and assess wear on key parts, including brake pads, tires, and fluids.

Frame damage: If the car was in a serious accident, there could be residual frame damage that wasn’t repaired – or just not repaired correctly. Structural damage can have a huge impact on how your car runs and how fast certain parts wear out. At the very least, this can cause tires to wear unevenly.

Careless repairs: This can range from insignificant to serious, depending on what was done. Improper installation of modifications or accessories may be simple enough, but if previous mechanics did bad repair work on the engine or transmission, that could end up being very expensive down the road.

Flood damage: By checking parts such as the engine, transmission, exhaust, and radiator, mechanics can spot signs of flood damage so that it doesn’t become a drain on your wallet after you have purchased the car.

Overdue maintenance: This can be anything from keeping up with regular oil changes to ignoring a fluid leak. If the previous owner neglected to address even a small problem, it could turn into a big issue for you after you’ve already bought the car. Catching these issues ahead of purchasing the car means you can choose to back out of the deal or negotiate the price based on any maintenance issues your mechanic finds.

As-is Vehicle Purchases

If you’re purchasing a used car without a warranty, you’re taking on any expenses that come up after you buy the car. That means if something is wrong with the car before you buy it, but it isn’t caught, you’ll still have to foot the bill. This may be relatively minor, but it could also end up being a serious car repair. Excitement over a new car can quickly turn to dread when it becomes clear that regular maintenance was lacking, or corners were cut prior to your purchase.

Pre-purchase Inspection Checks

We invite you for a professional pre-purchase inspection at Clark Automotive in Blaine, MN before you purchase your next used vehicle! Call us at (763) 784-7944 to schedule an appointment, but typically, you can drive right over!

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