Pre-Purchase Car Inspection

Mar 11, 2017

Mechanic Blaine MNBuying a car can be an overwhelming process and oftentimes many people are worried about getting a bad offer on your car when you are selling it from a dealer, and buying a car that is way overpriced. Not everyone is a mechanic and it’s okay to ask for help when selling or buying a car. Most commonly, pre-purchase car inspections are something most people want to have to make sure that you are not blowing your money on a lemon.

If you are looking into purchasing a used vehicle from a dealer, mechanic or from a previous owner, you want to feel confident that what you invest in is worth your time. Clark Automotive offers pre-purchase car inspections in Blaine, Minnesota. Be smart and kind to yourself, and make sure you are making the best investment.

When you are buying a car and you are not a mechanic it is hard to debate if what the seller says is truthful. A pre-purchase inspection will ensure you are not paying overpriced, being scammed or it may also show that you are getting an incredible deal! Our pre-purchase inspections are cheap at $90, and can save you more money on the overall price you pay, and problems that can occur from purchasing a car in the future. Also, when you have a pre-purchase inspection, if there are minor problems that are not deal breakers, you can go back to the seller and negotiate the cost of the car. Clark Automotive will give you an unbiased, professional 3rd party opinion for any vehicle make and model.

What do pre-purchase car inspections look at?

  • Exterior- Our mechanics will examine the look, condition and quality of the exterior of the vehicle, this includes dents, scratches and other damage to the paint, glass, windshield and mirror.
  • Underneath the Car- At Clark’s Automotive we will hoist the vehicle in the air to observe any leaks, rust and look at the overall quality of the exhaust and brake system.
  • Under the Hood- We will check fluid levels, overall performance and belt conditions.
  • Interior- Inspect the upholstery conditions, the lights, seat belts, air and heat and make sure all of the safety components are in good shape.
  • Test Drive- We will take the vehicle on a test drive to make sure that we do not miss any conditions or other warning signs, such as transmission, steering, breaking and suspension.
  • Computer Scan- Computer scans check for codes and recommendations which is extremely important because of the way cars are built today.

Overall, pre-purchase inspections are necessary to guarantee you are not throwing away money. We want to make sure you feel safe and confident with this next purchase! We believe that the more people know about their vehicles, the more confidently they can deal with them while getting the best value in return.

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