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Jul 4, 2017

Auto Repair Blaine MNClark Automotive Repair Shop, located in Blaine, MN offers vehicle repair services for many reasons. One common reason cars, trucks and SUVs are brought into our respected Blaine vehicle repair shop is due to overheating. We offer our clients affordable auto diagnostic services and always answer your exact question and never suggest unneeded repairs. Below are answers to some very common questions we get asked:

Your car overheated and your car is towed to the closest repair facility, now what?

The repair facility should inspect the car and explain why it overheated and give you an estimate for repair. There can be a large number of reasons. Call your regular repair shop and ask if it makes sense and ask for any advice. We at Clark Automotive will cheerfully speak to the other repair facility if some questions still are not clear.

Other than changing the coolant at the recommended mileage and months of service are there any cooling system preventive maintenance requirements?

Yes, there are a few recommendations to keep your cooling systems functioning at a high level of efficiency:

  • Follow the factory maintenance recommendations for component inspections, repairing or replacing as needed.
  • Lacking those recommendations every fall or spring check the following items, or ask your repair shop what they would charge to check these items for you.
  • Check coolant freeze protection level, is coolant rusty, is the coolant full, and is the coolant contaminated with other substances?
  • Check condition of serpentine belts, belt tensioner, and cooling fan operation?
  • Check the radiator for leaks with a pressure test, and is the radiator plugged externally with debris?
  • Check the heater and radiator hoses for leaks while doing pressure test above, also check to see if hoses are spongy.
  • Is the cooling system developing the correct pressure?

Honest Auto Repairs in Blaine MN

If you have further questions about the above tips on keeping your cooling system working efficiently or need auto repair services contact Clark Automotive Repair Shop today for expert services and a prompt appointment.

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