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Jun 28, 2017

Auto Repair Blaine MNYou step on the brakes and a high pitched squeal noise occurs. This will alarm any vehicle operator but with good observation and a quality car, truck and SUV mechanic – together the problem you just experienced with your vehicle will be a thing of the past. Whether it is your front vehicle brakes or rear vehicle breaks the experts at Clark Automotive Clinic in Blaine, MN are your best resource. We offer affordable vehicle brake repairs and have a high level of experience and treat every customer like family. Lets go over some helpful tips on what you just experienced, so that you might know a little more before you proceed to a local vehicle repair shop.

What does the High Pitched Brake Noise Mean?

This is most often caused by a wear indicator bar on your brake pads. They rub on the rotor (metal to metal) when the brake pads are worn out causing the obnoxious squeal. Your brakes should still be working, but will need attention in the very near future. In some cases it may not squeal, but rather chirp frequently. At any rate, a brake job is due on the front or rear brakes.

What if my Vehicle Pulls Hard to the Left or Right when Braking at Higher Speeds?

This problem is serious and will cause more damage or safety issues with your brakes. It is caused by the brake caliper (sticking on) on the side pulled towards. It can also be caused by the caliper binding off (not braking) opposite of the side being pulled towards. This problem accelerates brake wear, degrades braking performance, and can be a very serious safety issue in a panic stop.

Why Are My Brakes Pulsating after a Couple of Miles on the Road?

Brake pulsation generally becomes more pronounced after the brakes get warmed up. Brake pulsation can be felt in the brake pedal moving up and down, in the steering wheel or as a vibration in the floor. This pulsation is generally caused by defective brake rotors. The rotors cause vibrations by being not consistent in rotor width or warped. The defects in the rotor get worse with heat. It is very common for this to happen if the brakes have been overheated, or they are near to worn out has they run much warmer towards the end of their service cycle.

Car, Truck and SUV Repair Shop in Blaine MN

If you have experienced one or more than one of these issues it would be best to contact a qualified vehicle repair shop. Clark Automotive Clinic offers a FREE test drive that usually allows us to identify that issue you are dealing with and suggest an effective solution. It is better to be safe than sorry, especially when we offer free vehicle repair advice.

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