Importance Of A Used Car Pre-Purchase Inspection

May 10, 2021

Importance Of A Used Car Pre-Purchase Inspection For many Americans, purchasing a used vehicle is the only route that they take. There are plenty of great deals and reliable vehicles available around the Blaine, MN area. Rather than having to pay the expensive sticker price for a brand new vehicle that immediately depreciates when you drive it off of the lot, a used vehicle may be the route that you’d like to take. That is, as long as you don’t invest in a dud! At Clark Automotive, we are here to help you ensure that the used vehicle that you are considering is in good shape. Through our used car pre-purchase inspection, we’ll evaluate every inch of the vehicle before you agree to the purchase.

Inspect Before You Purchase

It makes logical sense that a pre-purchase inspection is very important any time that you are in the market for a used vehicle. The current owner of the used vehicle is trying to get the most money for their car, and unfortunately, they can’t always be trusted. So, if you are interested in a used vehicle, asking the current owner if you can take it to our auto repair shop for a pre-purchase inspection is something that they should be ok with. If they say no, then you likely should walk away from this vehicle. Pick up the phone and reach out to our ASE certified technicians and get on our schedule for a pre-purchase inspection before you purchase the used vehicle. Most of the time we will let you drive right over for the inspection.

What We Look For During A Vehicle Inspection

When it comes to inspecting a used vehicle, there is a lot that our mechanics look for. For an affordable price of $90, our team at Clark Automotive will evaluate the following during the pre-purchase inspection:

Exterior Inspection – We’ll examine your vehicle and identify any dents, scratches, chips, etc., and make sure that all aspects of the vehicle’s exterior are in good shape.
A Look Below – What’s going on under the car is very important. We’ll jack up the vehicle and take a look below to identify any leaks and rust, as well as evaluate the exhaust and brake system.
Pop the Hood – Our staff will pop the hood and look at the condition of the vehicle’s belts and fluid levels.
Interior Inspection – Ensuring that the heat and air are working properly is critical. Additionally, we’ll inspect the upholstery, lights and seat belt operations as well.
Test Drive – Going on a test drive will allow our mechanics to get a true feel for how the used vehicle drives. We’ll keep an eye out for potential warning signs.
Computer Scan – After running a computer scan, we’ll provide you with a list of codes and recommendations regarding the used vehicle.

After going through the pre-purchase inspection at Clark Automotive, you’ll be able to make a confident decision on whether or not you want to purchase this used vehicle. The pre-purchase inspection is extremely important if you are in the market for a used vehicle. To schedule a pre-purchase inspection at our Blaine, MN auto shop, give Clark Automotive a call today at (763) 784-7944 or email

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