Importance Of A Complete Tune-Up

Feb 20, 2023

Importance Of A Complete Tune-UpClark Automotive is often asked about the standard tune-up. While this service varies from garage to garage, it primarily consists of preventive maintenance that fixes small issues before they worsen. Most tune-ups include an engine inspection to guarantee there are no leaks and that your vehicle runs smoothly. Check out our list for more information on how a tune-up can benefit your car!

Higher Mileage: Tuning up your car can address all issues that could be costing you extra money on gas. For instance, if your brakes become stuck, your vehicle could be using more gas than usual. As part of a tune-up, these components will be checked, and replacement brake pads may be necessary if necessary. In addition, incorrect alignment of tires may lead to poor fuel mileage since they rotate at an unnatural angle against the road surface and axles; this issue is easily fixed by changing tires and aligning wheels; plus, it reduces how much fuel you use getting from home to work!

Recover from a rough ride: As your vehicle ages, you may notice it running less smoothly. Perhaps your car is shaking or having difficulty starting up in the morning. Your mechanic can perform a power and energy check to diagnose the problem. There could be many internal components at play here–from your starter to your exhaust. Certified mechanics can identify what’s causing these symptoms and fix them, so you don’t feel uncomfortable while riding from one place to another.

Shining Lights on the Dash: Every warning light in your car is there to alert you of something, but not all drivers are proficient in car diagnostics. Our professional mechanic team can help identify what those lights mean and why they’re illuminated, plus we know how to quickly resolve any issues that arise.

A Comprehensive Check-Up: A tune-up for your car is like getting a medical checkup for yourself. The mechanic inspects all working parts and detects any problems. They might suggest having something serviced, just as doctors prescribe medication to treat illnesses. This improves handling, reduces breakdown chances, provides you with a smoother ride, and makes your vehicle more dependable.

Your mechanic will run a code scan during a tune-up to detect any ignition problems or exhaust leaks. They also check for engine issues like battery voltage and valves. While they might not find all issues during this checkup, this is great news for car enthusiasts; typically, there will be some that need fixing before driving again. Remember that mechanics give you the chance to address small issues before they become major ones; we would rather you address one now rather than have an extensive overhaul later.

Clark Automotive is a family-owned business, and we consider each client part of our extended family. Our commitment to top quality service each time we work on your car ensures you remain safe and save you money in the process. Contact us today for more information about our tune-up services, preventative maintenance programs or other auto services. Our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to assist in setting an appointment with one of our mechanics today.

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