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Mar 10, 2023

Honest Auto Repair Shop In Blaine MNClark Automotive is dedicated to fast, friendly, and honest auto maintenance and repair services. Every so often, it is good to remind our current customers and, perhaps more specifically, our potential customers of that commitment. The reason is fairly simple – there is a stereotype that auto mechanics take advantage of customers by creating problems and charging exorbitant prices to “fix” them. That has never been something that the team at Clark Automotive does, and in the age of the internet, where prospective customers can find answers to virtually any automotive question, it is a wonder to us why any auto repair shop would value a quick buck over long term customer loyalty based on honesty and good service.

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The automobile, for all its advances over the first century of its existence, is still a very complex machine, which means that it will require regular maintenance and periodic repairs to remain in good working order. Our approach to both maintenance and repair is to provide an accurate and honest assessment of the issues that need to be addressed, to explain them thoroughly to the vehicle owner, and to explain what we consider to be the most efficient means of fixing the problem.

Doing business in this way is not difficult and we have found that it actually increases our customer base. It is easy when we need to do something like the need to rotate tires periodically to maximize tread life. Customers can see how much tread is left on a tire as easily as a trained mechanic, so when there is an obvious need to replace one or all four of your tires, the process of communicating that need is relatively simple. Not all aspects of automobiles are as easily addressed. The technical specifications of engine efficiency will likely require a more thorough explanation for most vehicle owners, and all vehicle owners should expect their repair shop representative to provide a thorough and understandable explanation. That is the only way to gain the trust of customers who have heard the same stereotypes about auto mechanics that we have.

Auto Maintenance And Repair In Blaine Minnesota

Working hard to establish the trust of our customers is what accounts for the number of people who will only bring their cars and trucks to Clark Automotive. We love the idea that many of our customers refer to Clark Automotive as “my mechanic” or “my shop.” When this happens, it is based on trust, and trust allows us to fix your vehicle’s issue, regardless of its complexity.
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