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Nov 8, 2014

Loaner Cars Clark AutomotiveOur Blaine, MN repair shop does thing a little differently than most because our main priority is that our customers and the ones they love can afford to be safe while on the road by providing reasonable repair rates the best way we know how. Let us explain…

No Pressured Sales Tactics

Clark Automotive Clinic does not advertise lost leaders, $20.00 oil changes, to get you into the shop, and upsell you on car repairs. We do not offer free inspection to get your car in the shop and sell you repairs. We are not on a high traffic corner with a tow truck, looking for cars that need to be towed in. We have never been called into small claims court; we have resolved any issue together with our customers. We have never had a car towed out of our shop because it was torn apart and could not agree upon the repair.

We take good care of your car; we have only had to paint one fender in 17 years. We are generally too busy for customers just to drive in, but will make arrangements for a later arrival that day and stay late to get all the diagnostics, estimates and loaner cars arranged. We do not push maintenance items, but rather review the car manufacture’s recommendations, highlighting upcoming procedures that you might need to consider.

Even with a Lifetime of Auto Mechanic Experience we still do our Research

We research specific factory service bulletins relative to the issues the customer is asking us to resolve. We have the factory specifications, maintenance and repair procedures, and troubleshooting graphs and electrical schematics available. We appreciate when customers ask questions, if our explanation is not getting enough information clearly communicated to you, the customer. We will always prioritize repairs, and categorize them regarding safety, causing further damage or as deferrable so that the customer can decide which repairs to authorize.

What to Expect when you Choose Clark Automotive

Once you are my (Chuck Clark’s) customer and I’m your mechanic, I will work very hard to maintain your trust. I will have test driven your car weeks ago and went over needed repairs and prioritized them by safety and or costs. Because we have been honest with each other, your car most likely will not break down, leaving you stranded somewhere. So what I offer is fair and professional information regarding repairs that you are considering for your car. My goal is to fix your car correctly the first visit. I aim to have great customer service at Clark Automotive; that is reasonably priced and extended to you in such a manner that you will become a repeat customer. I understand that many car repairs end up being unplanned events, so I will work closely with you, getting pending car repairs into your budget, the goal being, “No Surprises”.

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