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Oct 9, 2018

Extended Warranty Service & Repair | Clark Automotive Blaine, MNThere are some really good extended warranty service programs available for your vehicle.  However, because of some of the less reputable programs, car owners may be led to believe that their extended warranties will not be honored by their preferred automotive service center.  Clark Automotive wants you to know that the chances are actually very good that your extended warranty can be honored by an independent service provider like us.  In fact, about ninety percent of all extended warranties fall into the category of service eligibility.

Will your Extended Warranty be Honored at an Independent Auto Shop?

It is an understandable concern that car owners sign a contract for added protection to your vehicle, so you make the reasonable assumption that the warranty service will place severe limitations on your purchase.  The good news for you is that you quite likely have the freedom to get your car serviced by your preferred auto shop without having to worry if the repairs your car needs will be covered.  Our team at Clark Automotive can quickly determine your extended warranty service eligibility.  We do this work every day, so we have familiarity with virtually every extended warranty program available.  If you have any doubt about your vehicle’s eligibility, we can help.

Our technicians spend a lot of time and effort building our business by stating and reaffirming our expansive services.  Clark Automotive has a great reputation because of the effort we put into being reliable, honest, and competent automotive technicians.  An important, but not quite as well known, service we offer is our extended warranty service.  It is important for customers—old and new—to know that their preferred auto mechanic can very likely continue to service their vehicles.  If you have been under the impression that your new vehicle, with its extended warranty, must only be serviced by the dealer, the chances are actually good that you can continue to have your vehicle serviced by your trusted auto shop.

Trusted Local Auto Repair Shop

We also hope that your trusted auto shop is named Clark Automotive. If you have brought your vehicle to us before, we trust that you came away with a sense of confidence in our professionalism and a decision to make us your only choice for auto repair. If you have a vehicle with an extended warranty and you are looking for an independent shop to service your vehicle, we can almost certainly help you.  Give us a call at (763) 784-7944 and we will be happy to answer your questions about extended warranties.

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