Ensure Your Vehicle Is Ready For Winter

Oct 31, 2023

Ensure Your Vehicle Is Ready For WinterAs we head into winter, you’re likely getting ready for the holidays and getting into that festive spirit! Here in Minnesota, we all know that winter is coming, and it’s coming fast! One thing that you shouldn’t forget about is making sure your car is ready for winter. At Clark Automotive, we help many of our customers make sure their cars are “winter ready,” and we’d love to add you to our list of satisfied customers! Read on to learn some of the ways you can ensure your vehicle is ready for winter so you won’t be stranded out in the cold.

Tips to Prepare Your Car for Winter

Remember the following tips to ensure your vehicle is ready for those cold Minnesota temperatures!

Install Winter Tires – While you can use all-terrain tires in winter conditions, you’ll get the maximum performance from winter tires. At Clark Automotive, we carry various all-terrain and winter tires to ensure your car will stay on the road even in the most inclement weather.
Check Your Battery – When temperatures drop, so does the power of your battery. If your vehicle has trouble starting, you’ll likely have more issues as the weather gets colder. Have a local mechanic shop like Clark Automotive check your battery to ensure it’s ready for winter.
Check Your Cooling System – You’ll want to check your coolant levels and ensure you’re using an appropriate coolant-to-water ratio to prolong the life of your vehicle.
Check Your Brakes – Because of the potential for slippery conditions, it’s always a good idea to have your brakes checked before temperatures drop.
Check Belts, Hoses, Wires and Cables – It’s a good idea to check spark plugs, hoses, and belts to ensure they’re in proper working order. Colder temperatures can strain your vehicle, which is why you want all these components to work correctly.
Pack a Winter Safety Kit – Keep a safety kit in your vehicle for emergencies. This kit should contain the following:
o First aid kit
o Jumper cables
o Flashlight
o Batteries
o Ice scraper
o Flares
o Non-perishable food & water
o Warm clothing
o Flares

Winter Vehicle Check Blaine MN

If you’re unsure if your vehicle is ready for winter, why not schedule a service with one of our ASE-certified mechanics. We’ll perform a thorough inspection to ensure all components of your vehicle are working properly. Give us a call today at (763) 784-7944 to schedule an appointment.

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