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Mar 31, 2017

Electrical-Repair-Blaine-MNNo matter how car savvy you are at home, sometimes you need a reliable mechanic to diagnose and treat the complicated stuff. It’s like going to the doctor. When it’s just a cold, you can stay at home, take some medicine and be done with it. However, when it’s something more than that, it’s best you visit a doctor. Likewise, Clark Automotive is your Blaine, Minnesota auto-mechanic that will see you through anything from your routine check ups to some serious electrical problems. Whether you know a lot about cars or not, electrical issues are best dealt with by the experts at Clark Automotive.

The Electrical Components of a Car

So what exactly constitutes as electrical in a car? Basically, if it doesn’t need gas and oil to go, it’s electric! Everything from your windshield wipers to your radio is considered an automotive electrical component. If you have any problems with the following, consider taking your vehicle in to be checked:

● Power Window Problems
● Power Lock Issues
● Power Steering Failures
● Headlights, Dome Lights and other External Lights Not Working
● Windshield Wiper Problems
● Defroster Failure
● Audio and Video Devices Not Turning On
● Dash Control Not Working

Now, all of these problems can be solitary issues and end up being a simple fix. However, there can also be more than meets the eye.

Electrical Repair Services

To use the most obvious example, many people will get into their car and get ready to take off and nothing will start – not even the radio. No power steering, no windows, nothing! This likely indicates that there is some sort of electrical issue going on. It’s not a single function that is bad but rather the power source that feeds multiple functions that has gone sour. This is why battery testing, replacement, and battery cable repairs are an important service we offer here at Clark Automotive. Other electrical repair services we offer include:

● Battery Testing
● Battery Replacement
● Battery Cable Repair
● Battery Cable Replacement
● Starter Repair
● Starter Replacement
● Alternator Repair
● Alternator Replacement
● Electrical Component Repair
● Electrical Component Replacement
● Electrical Wire Harness Diagnostics Repair

At Clark Automotive, we want the best for you and your vehicle. We are an affordable, local auto repair shop that has been providing services to this community for over 17 years. Our certified technicians are thorough in every electrical repair that we perform. We pride ourselves in outstanding customer service at an affordable price. For more information about your Blaine, MN repair shop, contact Clark Automotive today at (763) 784-7944 or send us an email at info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

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