Electrical Issues in My Car

Aug 25, 2023

Electrical Issues in My CarAre you currently dealing with an unexplained electrical issue in your car? If so, you’re likely worried that the repair is going to be extremely expensive. While electrical issues in your car can be quite complex, it’s important to work with a reputable and certified mechanic who intimately understands how the electronics work within your vehicle. At Clark Automotive, we have an ASE Certified Mechanic on staff which should give you confidence that if you bring in your vehicle for any type of electrical issue, we’ll do our best to get it repaired as quickly and affordable as possible. We are located in Blaine, Minnesota and provide complimentary shuttle service, loaner vehicles and flexible hours.

Common Electrical Issues in Vehicles 

Below are just a few of the most common electrical issues we run into on a daily basis at Clark Automotive.

  • Dead Battery – Your battery provides all of the electricity within your vehicle. So, if you experience a complete electrical failure at any time, it’s likely related to your battery. These problems can occur just from your battery wearing out over time, or due to leaving a light or any other type of accessory on while your vehicle isn’t running.
  • Spark Plug Issues – The main job of your spark plugs is to create the necessary power to move the pistons in your engine up and down. This function requires a small amount of electricity and the wires can fail over time, which can prevent the spark plugs from properly operating. Some common signs that your spark plugs may be bad include rough idling, poor acceleration or when your engine cranks, but doesn’t actually start.
  • Alternator Problems – Your alternator drives a belt system that creates the power to help keep your battery charged. When your alternator isn’t working, your battery will quickly drain and will not be able to recharge itself. This is why it’s important when your car won’t start to determine if it’s a problem with your battery itself, or your alternator.
  • Blown Fuse – One sign that you could have a blown fuse is that you lose power to one system, such as your radio, power windows, or your brake lights. If you notice this behavior, it’s likely time to check your fuse box to see if any of your fuses have blown. 

Contact Clark Automotive for All Your Auto Electric Repair Needs

If you’re currently dealing with any electrical issues in your car, it’s critical to have the problem adequately diagnosed and fixed as quickly as possible. Feel free to give the certified mechanics at Clark Automotive a call at 763-784-7944 to schedule a time for one of our ASE certified mechanics to take a look at your vehicle.

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