Coon Rapids Brake Repair

Oct 22, 2016

Coon Rapids Brake RepairWhen you sit down in your vehicle and go for a drive, how often do you think you use your brakes? Too many times to count, most would say. Brakes are a vital component to your car and an irreplaceable safety feature that keeps you from crashing into things or accelerating to an unsafe speed. At Clark Automotive, we feel like brakes are just as important as the wheels on your vehicle. If they aren’t working properly, you should not be driving your car! Instead, you should let our professionals at Clark Automotive, serving Coon Rapids, MN, take a look at your vehicle and get down to the root of the issue.

Parts of a Brake System

Just like everything within a vehicle, your brakes are composed of numerous different components. So when something is going wrong with your brakes, it can be due to a number of issues. Pads, shoes, rotors, drums, calipers, etc. These are all things that may be in need of repair or replacing. So when you come to us, we will perform a free test drive to get a good idea of what’s going on and then we will review the problems and estimate the cost of repairs. You may ask why we drive it instead of performing a complete brake inspection? We want to leave the car completely in your control, which is not going to happen when it’s hoisted up in the air. This saves time and money for you.

Auto Repair Shop Scams

So as you’ve read, there can be a multitude of things wrong with your brakes. Have you ever seen that gimmick where the auto mechanic offers front brake repairs for $99.95. That’s a huge red flag in our books. Why? Well, that number will likely double in size by the time they’re done. They will charge an upsell on fluid flushes, rotor replacements, put on cheap pads and then tell you more parts need to be replaced, which are not included in the deal. At Clark Automotive, we do a complete inspection of your car’s braking system so that you know exactly what you are getting into and how much it will cost before we get started. We offer the following brake repair services for Coon Rapids, MN:

  • Pads and shoes replaced as needed.
  • Wheel bearings replaced as needed.
  • The backing plate and caliper anchor lubricated.
  • The brake fluid topped off and flushed if needed or done around every 30,000 miles.
  • The hydraulic system purged of air and adjusted.
  • Drums and rotors refinished/replaced as needed.

If you live in Coon Rapids, MN and are looking for an auto mechanic that performs quality brake repair services, contact Clark Automotive today at (763) 784-7944.

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