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May 25, 2019

Complete Auto Services in Blaine If you have ever moved from a place where you felt comfortable and at home to a place where you might have known next to no one, you might have heard that among the first things you should do is get recommendations on a good doctor and a good auto mechanic. This is because moving to a new place means that the trust you had in important people has to be replaced in your new location. Doctors and auto repair services succeed or fail based on the level of trust their clients have in them. Clark Automotive offers Complete Auto Services in Blaine, MN and we have worked hard to help the people who bring their cars and trucks to our shop feel good about their choice.

Local Auto Repair Shop in Blaine

The best way for an auto repair shop to welcome people who are new to the area is to help them feel like they belong. We do that by being a familiar and local auto repair shop. If you are new to the area and you bring your vehicle to our shop, you will very likely see us interacting with customers who have brought their vehicles to us before. Being a local shop in Blaine, MN means investing in the community, and by that we mean caring about the community and the people who live here. Caring about our customers means that we have to be honest with them, and the fact that we can be honest about our wide range of automotive expertise helps them feel comfortable bringing their cars to us when they develop problems.

We are a business and in order to stay open, we must make a profit from our work. However, our reputation, which we have worked hard to establish as solidly positive, has been built on making a profit without ever exploiting our customers. All of the automotive services we provide are designed to be as affordable as possible. We offer complete auto services including brake repair, second opinions, steering, suspension and alignment repairs, starter and alternator replacement and repairs and much more.

Experienced Blaine Auto Mechanics

We are in business for two primary reasons. The first is that we are good at what we do. Our staff are problem-solvers whose expertise and experience is in auto mechanics. The second is that we know what needs to be done in order for customers to take advantage of our expertise. This is really as simple as treating people well while fixing the problems their vehicles have developed. We are local to Blaine, we make our prices affordable, and we welcome your business.
Call us at Clark Automotive at (763) 784-7944, email us at or stop by our shop at 9985 Davenport St. NE.

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