Commercial Vehicle Repair Center with Flexible Hours

Oct 4, 2018

Commercial Vehicle Repair Center Blaine, MNOur business—Clark Automotive—is important to us.  And we know that your business is important to you.  Our goal is to merge these two facts.  We want you to understand that your business is important to us and we hope to earn your trust by making our business important to you.  If you own a business that relies on commercial vehicles for success, Clark Automotive can become your behind-the-scenes Most Valuable Player.

Our reputation for being one of the most reliable and professional automotive shops in Minnesota has been earned.  We treat our customers as we want to be treated—with respect, honesty, a commitment to excellent service and flexibility.  Our success relies on your trust in us, and when your business’s vehicles need maintenance and/or repair, you want to know that your auto service provider is trustworthy and competent.  Clark Auto’s staff is committed to hiring and training our staff so that they understand how to complete repairs on a wide range of vehicles.

Experienced Commercial Vehicle Repair Shop

Servicing commercial vehicles is made easier because these vehicles tend to come from one manufacturer, allowing our technicians to deepen their understanding the makes and models in that manufacturer’s line. However, even if your commercial vehicles come from different manufacturers, we have the staff that possesses a diversity of knowledge to respond to virtually any vehicle’s maintenance needs.

Our service range is comprehensive.  If your commercial vehicles happen to come with a quirk in their electrical systems or tend to develop leaks in their cabins, our staff has not only the training but the problem-solving skills to identify the causes of the issues.  And once identified, our staff applies their extensive expertise to the problem and fixes it right the first time.  We also understand that you may need your commercial vehicles serviced at times other than regular business hours. We offer flexible hours to our commercial customers to make finding a time for repairs easy.

Commercial vehicles are on the road a great deal.  Vehicles that accumulate miles at a fast pace require regular oil and filter changes, tire rotations, and other aspects of routine maintenance.  Many commercial vehicles also develop issues that fall outside the range of routine maintenance.  Our staff is simply excellent determining the causes of problems and identifying the correct way of fixing them.

Flexible Hours for Commercial Vehicle Repair

Clark Automotive as a business has accumulated extensive experience in servicing commercial vehicles.  The prospect of servicing your vehicles does not intimidate us; in fact, our system allows us to build efficiency not only into our repair process but into our management of multiple vehicles belonging to one company.  Your business is important to you.  It is also important to us.  We offer flexible hours to make it easy for you to get your fleet repaired. For more information about our commercial vehicle service, call (763) 784-7944.

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