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Sep 9, 2014

The Right Fuel Grade As an experienced automotive repair shop, in Blaine, MN we always get inquires about certain hot topics. Clark Automotive would like to discuss one, very common discussion a lot of our customers are curious about, which is the grades of gas – pluspremium, regular unleaded, diesel and E85 . We pride our automotive repair shop on being an honest, affordable and a reliable solution for many car, truck and SUV owners in the Blaine, MN area and we also enjoy being a resourceful place for information. So here is our two cents, for free:

Will high test gas make my car run better?

There is no manufactures recommendation to use premium unleaded fuel in a regular unleaded fuel car. For those cars where premium fuel is recommended it can make the car operate at its full potential. For vehicles recommended to use regular unleaded gas it will generally not and is for the most part a waste of money.

It works like this; high test gas has a higher octane rating, so it burns slower. The additives between high test and regular unleaded gas, are generally the same for the various oil companies. Using slower burning gas is of no advantage in a vehicle designed to run on regular unleaded.

For a vehicle recommended to use premium gas, it is advisable to do so. But, we recently had a customer who had put regular unleaded gas in their high performance Chevrolet. They had been told they needed to get that gas removed immediately or it would ruin their engine. That is not the case, we informed them that conservative operation for a half a tank of gas would be well advised, then fill it up with premium unleaded.

What to do if you put the wrong fuel in your Vehicle?

  • First, addressed in a separate issue, putting regular unleaded in a premium unleaded vehicle is not advised.  But when this error is made it does not require a repair procedure, just a bit of conservative driving.
  • That is not the case if you put gasoline of any kind into a diesel operated vehicle. Do not operate this vehicle! Have it towed to your vehicle repair facility to have the fuel drained and replaced with diesel.
  • Putting diesel into your gas operated vehicle is not quite as serious, but still do not drive the car, as it won’t run well anyway. Have it towed into your repair facility and the fuel corrected.
  • The last indiscretion is putting E85 into a regular unleaded fuel vehicle. You are generally going to be headed and perhaps towed to your repairs shop to get the fuel switch out.

Clark Automotive has dealt with all of the above. Some E85 issues did drive in and some were towed in. In the most serious case a diesel motor was seriously damaged and required expensive repairs at a diesel facility. Make sure all operators of your vehicle are aware of the fuel requirements. The Gas stations have done what they can to display the different fuels in a manner that does help us keep it straight. Thankfully this is not an everyday problem and we can drain and correct the fuel if this has happened to you and examine your vehicle for any damages.

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