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Tips For Winterizing Your Vehicle In 2022

Tips For Winterizing Your VehicleAs the temperatures starts to dip, it is a good reminder to prepare for the upcoming winter. We all know what winter holds in Minnesota – cold temperatures and freezing precipitation. And the winter of 2022 is predicted to be cold and snowy. This weather can really take a toll on your vehicle, even if you are lucky enough to have a garage to store it in when you are home. The vehicle technicians at Clark Automotive have developed a list of tips for winterizing your vehicle in the coming months:

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Professional Battery Services Blaine, MN

Battery Replacement by MeWithout a working battery, you’ll find yourself stuck on the side of the road extremely frustrated. You never want to put yourself in this position, which is why regularly making sure that your vehicle battery is in working order is a practice that you should consider. The tough weather in Blaine, MN can make your battery work even harder during certain parts of the year. If you are in need of a replacement battery or would like to get your existing battery tested…

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Winter Vehicle Purchase Inspection

Winter Vehicle Purchase InspectionIt’s no secret that Minnesota weather plays a large toll on vehicles and their abilities. If you are looking to purchase a vehicle this winter, be wise about your decision process! At Clark Automotive, we can help you feel confident about your winter vehicle purchase. We offer vehicle pre-purchase inspections to all of our customers.

At Clark Automotive, we are proud to say that we’ve earned an honorable reputation within our Minnesota community. We provide realistic expectations to our customers with no hidden agendas or fees. Unfortunately, in our experience, not every car dealer will treat you with the same respect. When you are about to purchase a vehicle in Minnesota, it’s hard to debate what the seller is saying is truthful if you are not a mechanic.

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Winter Car Maintenance Importance

Winter Car Maintenance ImportanceAs the weather cools down here in Minnesota, one of the to-do list items we often forget has to do with properly maintaining our vehicles. Winter car maintenance is extremely important because you never want to be left stranded during the extremely frigid conditions that are an everyday occurrence during the colder months here in Minnesota. At Clark Automotive, we have a team of certified mechanics

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Winter Car Checkups

Winter Car CheckupsAs the winter finally sets in here in Minnesota, it’s important to ensure your car is in proper working order. The cold can do a number on any car

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Tires Blaine, MN

Tires Blaine, MNHaving a good set of tires on your vehicle is important no matter where you live, but especially in an area like Blaine, MN. With tough weather conditions throughout the year hitting this area, it is important that you and your family are safe every time you get in the car. If you’re concerned about the tread on your existing tires, bring your vehicle by Clark Automotive and we’ll be happy to take a look

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Winter Vehicle Inspection Blaine, Minnesota

Winter Vehicle Inspection Blaine, MinnesotaIn our area of the country here in Blaine Minnesota, winter comes with a vengeance. This means that you need to plan to get your car ready for winter each year. In fact, many people who do not get their vehicles ready for winter regret it. At Clark Automotive, we want to help get your vehicle as prepared for the ravages of winter as possible.

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