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Maintenance Tips

Why Is My Car Not Starting?

Why Is My Car Not Starting?One of the most common inquiries we get from our clients, especially in the winter, is a call about a car not starting. This can seem to come out of nowhere and can occur anytime you turn off your car. You can be at home, at a grocery store, at work, a gas station or a shopping center day or night. There are several issues that can cause your car not to start. The team at Clark Automotive can help diagnose the issue and get your car back up and running quickly.

Here are some of the most common issues that we find when a car will not start:

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Choosing The Right Mechanic For Your Preventative Maintenance

Choosing The Right Mechanic For Your Preventative MaintenanceYour vehicle is an important part of the way you travel and when it is neglected or fixed improperly by a non-certified mechanic, it can mean big problems down the road! Choosing a mechanic for your preventative maintenance is important. At Clark Automotive, we understand the responsibility that comes into our care

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Taking Care Of Your Car’s Tires

Taking Care Of Your Car’s TiresIf you ask anyone what the most important part of a car is, you may get a few different answers – the engine, the brakes and, oh yes, the tires. The fact is, without good functioning tires, an automobile is not an automobile because it cannot perform its most essential function: to move. We can probably all agree that a vehicle without functioning tires does little to improve our lives or get us where we need to go. Clark Automotive offers tire rotation and services that prolong the life of your vehicle’s most basic and fundamental component: your tires.

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Battery Testing and Replacement Services

Battery Testing and Replacement Services Our country started to emerge from a global health crisis in recent months, which took a toll on its motor vehicle fleet, because so many people were driving so much less than they had been before. The rate of driving began picking up again when more people returned to work and when many more people took to the road. However, with the recent increase in infection, it is unfortunately possible that our rate of driving will decrease once again. This disruption can have an impact on your vehicle, and Clark Automotive is equipped to help you get your vehicle back into optimal running shape.

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Simple MN Vehicle Maintenance

Simple MN Vehicle MaintenanceHave you ever wanted to just go into an auto shop, get your vehicle maintenance completed, and then just get out. Easy, simple and back out on the road again. At Clark Automotive, we love to see all of our Minnesota customers, but we understand that coming in for vehicle maintenance isn’t always fun. Here, there are no gimmicks, no pressure to do more and no sleazy hidden fees. Our expert technicians perform high quality work at a fair price and then send you safely on your way.

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Heater and Coolant Inspection

Heater and Coolant InspectionLiving in a cold-climate state can mean that you have a stronger sense of what it takes to withstand the long winter season. You may do all the right things—keep the pressure of your spare tire at its maximum recommended level, keep a flashlight in your glove box, measure the tread on your tires—or you may be so toughened by life in Minnesota that you take your basic auto safety measures for granted.

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Winter Car Maintenance Importance

Winter Car Maintenance ImportanceAs the weather cools down here in Minnesota, one of the to-do list items we often forget has to do with properly maintaining our vehicles. Winter car maintenance is extremely important because you never want to be left stranded during the extremely frigid conditions that are an everyday occurrence during the colder months here in Minnesota. At Clark Automotive, we have a team of certified mechanics

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Vehicle Maintenance Before Winter | Blaine Auto Shop

Vehicle Maintenance Before Winter | Blaine Auto ShopAt Clark Automotive, we want all of our customers to be safe this winter. While we are here for any repairs your vehicle may need in Blaine, MN, we like to provide all of our residents an opportunity to do vehicle maintenance before winter. At our Blaine auto shop, we believe that taking good care of your vehicle will both increase your vehicle’s lifespan as well as keep you safe throughout our cold, frigid winters.

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Blaine Auto Mechanic

Blaine Auto Mechanic Every good automotive mechanic will tell you how important it is to get your vehicle in for service. Clark Automotive, your trusted Blaine Auto Mechanic goes a step further by communicating the importance of maintenance, but also the reasons why. Your vehicle is a big investment. If it is not properly maintained, it can cost you far more than you budgeted for. We do understand that life is busy, so we see it as part of our job to remind you of the importance of taking good care of your automotive investment.

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Certified Auto Mechanic Blaine MN

Certified Auto Mechanic Blaine MNKnown in the area as being the premier certified auto mechanic in Blaine, MN, Clark Automotive can put our experience to work for you for all of your automotive service needs. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to vehicle maintenance and we’re here to make it easy for you. To help you navigate the world of automobile service and maintenance, we’d like to discuss a couple of maintenance tasks to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

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