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Extended Warranty

Car Warranty Service In Blaine Minnesota

Car Warranty Service In Blaine MinnesotaAutomobile ownership comes with the convenience and flexibility to drive to all sorts of destinations. However, after clocking all those miles, you’re bound to find yourself in need of an oil change, new tires, or something else entirely. Unless you’re mechanically inclined, you should let the ASE-certified mechanics at Clark Automotive handle all your service needs.

It’s not too often that a dealer writes a warranty to be specific to a dealership. Approximately 90% of all extended warranties can be serviced through independent mechanics. Independent mechanics typically have less overhead

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Extended Warranty Mechanic by Me

Extended Warranty MechanicAt Clark Automotive, we are an extended warranty mechanic in Blaine, MN that will work with your warranty service to get your vehicle running right. If you are on the lookout for a repair under your warranty, Clark Automotive can help.

Did you know that many vehicle warranties given by dealerships can also be used at our local, trusted automotive mechanic shop? It’s a known fact that dealers are there to sell. Offering mechanical services as a convenience to their

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Affordable Engine Tune-up in Blaine

Affordable Engine Tune-up in BlaineLooking for an affordable engine tune-up in Blaine, MN? For over 17 years, our team here at Clark Automotive has been providing quality engine tune-ups in Blaine, MN. We offer this affordable service to our community so that all of our neighbors can feel safe out on the road. With quality parts, ASE master technicians and an auto shop that puts your best interest and safety first, Clark Automotive is the best place to be. Why are Engine Tune-ups Necessary?

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Car Electrical Repair Shops in North Metro

Car Electrical Repair Shops in North MetroThe electrical systems of modern vehicles are now so sophisticated that they seem more like airplanes in terms of their complexity. We rely on the electrical systems in our vehicles more than ever, and because our cars have become so much more complicated in the last several decades, fixing an electrical problem requires specific technical training and knowledge. Clark Automotive is one of the car electrical repair shops in the North Metro area that can provide all of the services that you may need. Our technicians can repair all types of vehicles

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Belt and Hose Replacement Shop

Belt and Hose Replacement ShopServing Blaine, MN for over 17 years, our team of expert professionals has got you covered for any type of service you may need. We are proud to be a place that offers it all and can get you back on the road safely in a timely manner. If you are searching for a belt and hose replacement shop in Blaine, MN, Clark Automotive can help. We are a full-service automotive shop that is more than capable of handling a belt and hose replacement from start to finish.

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Automotive Mechanic By Me

Automotive Mechanic By MeHiring a reliable automotive mechanic can be a very intimidating experience. When you think about finding an automotive mechanic by me, you want to find someone that you can truly trust. Your car is one of the most expensive purchases you’ll ever make so you want to make sure your mechanic is someone that will help you to keep your car on the road as opposed to in the shop! At Clark Automotive, we’re ASE certified mechanics ready to handle all of your auto repair needs in the Blaine, Minnesota and surrounding areas.

Importance of an ASE Certified Automotive Mechanic By Me

ASE stands for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. A mechanic that is deemed to be ASE certified must go through rigorous testing every two years

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Vehicle Inspections Around Me

Vehicle Inspections Around MeIf you are considering the purchase of a pre-owned vehicle, you may want to consider a vehicle inspection before you make your final decision. Clark Automotive offers comprehensive vehicle inspections in the Minneapolis area. Any time you are considering purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, it is important to have a pre-inspection done on that vehicle before signing any paperwork and taking over ownership.

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Engine Replacement Shop In Blaine

Engine Replacement ShopVery few car buyers ever consider the idea that one day their vehicle’s engine will need to be replaced. In fact, the news that you have engine problems can cause great stress and anxiety. The good news in all cases is that Clark Automotive is a trusted engine replacement shop for all types of cars in Blaine, Minnesota. They have expertise to complete an engine replacement correctly, and we work to meet the financial needs of our customers and minimize the overall impact of such a major repair.

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Repair Services Approved under Extended Warranty

Repair Services Approved under Extended WarrantyClark Automotive can help you with repair services approved under extended warranty. The limits of extended warranties come up frequently in our communication with customers. One related question has to do with whether or not an independent automotive service provider can perform services that are covered by the extended warranty.

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Extended Warranty Auto Shop Near Me

Extended Warranty Auto Shop Near MeWhen investing in a new or used car from a local car dealer, you are often offered an extended warranty plan. This extended warranty is meant to provide you with peace of mind that if damages to your vehicle occur, they will be covered. It is important

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