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Engine Tune Up

Vehicle Tune-Up in Blaine, Minnesota

Vehicle Tune-Up in Blaine, MinnesotaWhen purchasing your vehicle from the dealership, a large percentage of vehicle owners hope to keep this vehicle around for a long time. Afterall, vehicles are very expensive, so it makes sense to want to get the most out of this large investment. One great way to ensure that you maximize the lifespan of your vehicle is to make sure that you get regular vehicle tune-up. When it comes to auto shops offering affordable vehicle tune-up services in Blaine, Minnesota, there is no better choice than Clark Automotive.

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Affordable Engine Tune-up in Blaine

Affordable Engine Tune-up in BlaineLooking for an affordable engine tune-up in Blaine, MN? For over 17 years, our team here at Clark Automotive has been providing quality engine tune-ups in Blaine, MN. We offer this affordable service to our community so that all of our neighbors can feel safe out on the road. With quality parts, ASE master technicians and an auto shop that puts your best interest and safety first, Clark Automotive is the best place to be. Why are Engine Tune-ups Necessary?

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Engine Diagnostic Blaine, Minnesota

Engine DiagnosticDo you feel like the way that your vehicle has been running lately is off? Has one of the unwanted warning lights popped up on your dashboard? Before you panic, pick up the phone and get in contact with our ASE certified mechanics at Clark Automotive and let us perform our professional engine diagnostic services to determine what may be going on. Serving Blaine, MN and beyond, we’ll diagnose your engine and develop a plan to get your car back to full strength.

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Engine Tune-up Clark Auto Blaine, MN

Blaine, MN Auto Tune-upThis time of year, folks are heading out for their summer adventures! Whether you are road tripping down the coast or sending your kid off to college in these short months, an auto tune-up should be one of the first things on your list. At Clark Automotive, our shop offers complete vehicle care. Getting your tune-up before you hit the open road is a must and Clark Automotive has you covered.

Declining Vehicle Performance

No matter what time of year it may be, if you are noticing a decline in your vehicle’s performance but can’t exactly pinpoint the problem, an auto tune-up is the right choice for you. There are many factors in declining vehicle performance.

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Auto Tune Ups Ham Lake

Auto Tune Ups Ham LakeThere is something about that feeling you get when you see the odometer of your car reach 100,000 miles. You should be proud of this milestone! Not only should hitting this mark make you proud, but it should also serve as a reminder that it may be time for your vehicle to have an auto tune up. Typically, most cars need an auto tune up around the 100,000 mile mark. To be sure, review your owner’s manual to check on their recommended maintenance schedule. If you are looking for a reliable auto shop in Ham Lake, MN that will take care of your automobile every step of the way, look no further than our team at Clark Automotive.

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Tune-Up Blaine

Auto Repair Blaine MNEvery year, individuals across the world decide on New Year’s resolutions to help them start fresh. When it comes to 2017, think outside of the box and make a resolution to take better care of your car! If you live in the Blaine, MN area, our team at Clark Automotive is just the partner you’ve been looking for to help maintain the good health of your vehicle. If your goal is to keep your car around for the long haul, getting a tune-up should be a top priority in 2017.

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Blaine Auto Tune Ups

Auto Repair Blaine MNWhile it may not be on the top of your list of favorite things to do, keeping your car running well is important to ensuring that you can get where you need to go including to work, school and any trips that you have planned.  Preventative auto maintenance can save a significant amount of time and money in the long run. Auto tune ups are an excellent way to repair and replace issues that not yet be causing a problem, but that require periodic attention to keep your vehicle running well.  Clark Automotive of Blaine, MN can complete an auto tune up for your vehicle so that you can feel confident that as it ages, it will continue to run well.

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10 Things You Need to Know about Engine Tune-Up’s

Mechanic Blaine MNPART One:  What is a Tune-Up?

The Ignition systems works together with the fuel management system to provide a vehicle operating properly.  What is generally considered the tune-up today is just the replacement of the spark plugs.  The tune-up is listed in the Recommended Maintenance list as a preventive maintenance procedure at a specified mileage.  Some vehicles have what is called “coil over plug” ignition systems.  That means there is an ignition coil over each spark plug and no spark plug wires.  This tune-up amounts to replacing the plugs and inspecting each coil and coil insulation boot.  I can’t recall ever recommending that all the coils be replaced at once as that would be very costly.  The next type of ignition system (mostly on older vehicles) has a distributor, coil, spark plug wires and plugs.  This type of ignition system tune up normally replaces the distributor cap and rotor, wires, and plugs.  As the engine installations became more complicated this type of ignition system was replaced as they were expensive and difficult to maintain.

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Mechanic | Blaine, MN

Auto Inspection MNThere are many things that make Clark Automotive different than the vast majority of other auto mechanics in the area, but arguably the most important is Clark Automotive’s commitment to honesty and to communicating openly and forthrightly with its clients.  Even if you are not invested in your car, but instead treat it as a mere machine that gets you where you need to go, you will understand that most automotive repair shops do not seem to care about the fact that you are not made of money.  Most auto repair mechanics simply do not care enough about your experience with their shops.  Clark Automotive, located in Blaine, MN is different.

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Modern Dodge Performance Tune-ups

Dodge Hemi Performance Tune UpsClark Automotive Clinic is a Modern Chrysler and Dodge repair shop with facilities to provide high performance tune-ups on your prized Chrysler and Dodge cars, trucks, and vans. Whether you drive the Hemi powered Charger SRT8, a 4.7 powered older Durango, or a…

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