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Timing Belt Replacement 101

Timing Belt Replacement 101Timing belts play an integral part in keeping our vehicles operating smoothly, and at Clark Automotive in Blaine, MN we understand the value of preventative maintenance and informed vehicle ownership. In this blog post we’ll delve deeper into their world; exploring what they are, how they function, and when it’s time to replace one.

A timing belt is a rubberized belt with reinforced fibers designed to synchronize the engine

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Affordable Timing Belt Replacement In The Twin Cities

Affordable Timing Belt Replacement In The Twin CitiesIf your vehicle has more than 70,000 miles on it, there’s a hidden danger you should know about. It’s a small part that’s wearing out, and if it breaks before you replace it, it could destroy your engine. We’re talking about the timing belt. It’s a sad but common tale: someone’s driving down the road, and the belt snaps. The car stalls and won’t restart. A tow truck hauls the car to the auto repair shop, and the driver discovers it will cost $2000 or more to rebuild the engine. It’s common because it happens to a lot of people; it’s sad because it’s so preventable.

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