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Importance Of Vehicle Emissions Inspection

Importance Of Vehicle Emissions InspectionAnyone who has owned a car or truck knows that, to remain in good standing with state authorities, the vehicle must pass a state inspection each year. The reason for this is simple: even the cleanest fuel burning automobiles contribute to air pollution but ensuring that registered vehicles pollute as little as possible lessens the impact of automobiles’ pollution on the environment. Clark Automotive provides a variety of services that help to ensure that your automobile passes inspection, contributes minimally to air pollution, and keeps you safe in the process.

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5 Signs your Oxygen Sensor needs Replacement

5 Signs your Oxygen Sensor needs ReplacementAt Clark Automotive, we want to be the first auto repair shop that you call for any type of vehicle repair. Serving the Blaine, MN community, we are proud to be the area’s trusted auto repair shop for the last 17 years. One vehicle repair that you should act on quickly is when your oxygen sensor needs replacement. How do you know when your oxygen sensor needs replacement, you may ask? Well, our certified mechanics want to share 5 signs that your oxygen sensor needs replacement.

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