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Is Your Car’s Heater Ready For Winter?

Is Your Car’s Heater Ready For WinterIn Minnesota, the cold really sets in, and winter wreaks havoc for months to come. We rely on our car’s defroster and heater to clear the windshield and keep us warm and comfortable on the road, even when the outside temperatures are below freezing. Is your car’s defroster/heater ready for the winter? You better be sure! Now is a great time to have your vehicle’s heater inspected and repaired at Clark Automotive.

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Prevent Vehicle Overheating Blaine MN

Prevent Vehicle Overheating Blaine MNEngine coolant, also referred to as antifreeze, is a liquid used to evacuate and transfer excess heat from combustion. While there are various types of engine coolants available, the most popular are 50% propylene glycol and ethylene combined with 50% water. To find the correct coolant type for your vehicle, consult your owner’s manual.

A coolant flush is a process that removes coolant from an engine and cleans away any chemical buildup (such as dirt, sludge, or rust). After refilling with fresh coolant, this will improve efficiency in cooling systems while allowing cooling materials to temper engine temperatures more effectively.

Car Overheating Repair Shop Blaine

Coolant flushes are essential for clearing away scale, rust and other deposits

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Water Pump Replacement in Blaine

The Danger of a Failing Water PumpHave you and your vehicle recently hit the 100,000 mile mark? If so, there’s definitely some things to consider. This is an ideal time to replace your timing belt. Additionally, it’s a great time for water pump replacement as well. At Clark Automotive, we take pride

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Heater and Coolant Inspection

Heater and Coolant InspectionLiving in a cold-climate state can mean that you have a stronger sense of what it takes to withstand the long winter season. You may do all the right things—keep the pressure of your spare tire at its maximum recommended level, keep a flashlight in your glove box, measure the tread on your tires—or you may be so toughened by life in Minnesota that you take your basic auto safety measures for granted.

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Radiator Repair Shop Near Me

Radiator Repair Shop Near MeAuto maintenance is something that’s required, but it’s something that nobody really wants to do. Thankfully there are reputable auto mechanics in the area like Clark Automotive who are experienced and well versed in all different types of automotive repair. As we head into the colder driving months, it’s vital that you have a properly functioning radiator.

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Radiator Repair Blaine

Radiator Repair BlaineClark Automotive’s technicians are experts in radiator repair.  And as we head into the winter months once again, you will want the assurance that your car’s radiator will be in good working order.  Driving in a car that is at risk of overheating and breaking down is not something anyone wants to endure; running that risk when the weather is snowy and the temperature is well below zero makes that prospect even more undesirable.

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Heater Core Repair Blaine

When it comes to your vehicle, the last thing that you want to happen in Blaine, MN this time of year is for you to not have heat. With the cold temperatures that hit this region of the country, it is vital that your vehicle’s heat is fully functioning at all times. If you’re having heat issues, one place to look is your heater core. At Clark Automotive, we are your heater core repair specialists in Blaine, MN

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