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Troubleshooting Your Vehicle’s Electrical Problem

Troubleshooting Your Vehicle’s Electrical ProblemThere can be many reasons why a vehicle is experiencing electrical issues. While many people automatically think there’s an issue with the battery (and many times, it is), your electrical system is much larger. The newer the vehicle, the larger and more complex the electrical system. And, as you might imagine, with a more complex system, there are many more places that an error could occur.

There are several symptoms that would indicate an issue may be electrical. If you find multiple symptoms, it’s a good indication your car has electrical issues. Following are some of the more common symptoms:

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Car Electrical Repair Shops in North Metro

Car Electrical Repair Shops in North MetroThe electrical systems of modern vehicles are now so sophisticated that they seem more like airplanes in terms of their complexity. We rely on the electrical systems in our vehicles more than ever, and because our cars have become so much more complicated in the last several decades, fixing an electrical problem requires specific technical training and knowledge. Clark Automotive is one of the car electrical repair shops in the North Metro area that can provide all of the services that you may need. Our technicians can repair all types of vehicles

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Battery Replacement by Me

Battery Replacement by MeYour vehicle will only go as far as your battery will take it. Chances are that at some point during your lifetime, you will or have already dealt with a bad vehicle battery. Hopefully you weren’t left stranded. Living in Coon Rapids, MN, we all know how cold it can get during the winter and how hot it can be in the summer. So, while the strength of your battery may not be at the top of your concern list, it is very important to know of a trusted mechanic that offers battery replacement by you in Coon Rapids. That trusted auto shop that you’ve been

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Electrical Car Repair Expert

Electrical Car Repair ExpertChoosing the right electrical car repair expert to handle your electrical car maintenance needs is very important. Not all mechanics around Blaine, MN are experienced with handling electrical car repairs. Our team at Clark Automotive, however, is well versed in handling electrical car repairs. Don’t waste any more time trying to find an electrical car repair expert around Blaine, MN. Eric in our shop is one of the best certified electrical mechanics in the state of Minnesota. We are very lucky to have him. Feel confident, and put your trust in our team

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Electrical Repairs for your Vehicle in MN

Electrical Repairs for your Vehicle in MNIt is amazing how much we rely on our vehicles. They get us to work, get kids to school, allow us to run our daily errands and travel to see friends and family. When we drive from place to place each day, it is easy to forget how complicated our vehicles really are. In fact, sometimes this complexity can be helpful — think of how our new navigation systems can get us from one place to another. Other times, this can mean that more can go wrong. As a result, it is important to have confidence in your local auto repair shop so

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Unexplained Electrical Issue in your Car?

Unexplained Electrical Issue in your Car MN Do your windshield wipers go into high gear when you unlock your car?  Does the interior cab light turn on when you signal a left turn? Or does your left-rear passenger window roll down on its own for no apparent reason?  No? Then you are lucky. We see a lot of cars that have unexplained electrical issues. Granted, the examples are quite uncommon, even in the world of unexplained electrical issues.

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Electrical Issues in My Car

Electrical Issues in My CarAre you currently dealing with an unexplained electrical issue in your car? If so, you’re likely worried that the repair is going to be extremely expensive. While electrical issues in your car can be quite complex, it’s important to work with a reputable and certified mechanic who intimately understands how the electronics work within your vehicle. At Clark Automotive, we have an ASE Certified Mechanic on staff which should give you confidence that if you bring in

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Automotive Electrical System Repair Blaine, MN

Affordable Electrical Car Repair Shop Blaine, MinnesotaLooking for an affordable electrical car repair shop in Blaine, MN? Clark Automotive is the best in the state! With our experienced and certified technicians, we offer quick diagnosis which saves you money. For a fast, friendly and compassionate team of experts, Clark Automotive has got you covered.

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Reasonable Priced Auto Repair Shop in Blaine

At Clark Automotive, we pride ourselves on being a reasonable priced auto repair shop in Blaine, MN. Some auto repair shops may offer affordable pricing, but lack experience. On the other hand, some auto repair shops may have decades of experience that comes with a hefty price tag on repairs. By choosing Clark Automotive for your auto repair needs, you get the best of both worlds. We also offer loaners cars for your conveniance.

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Auto Electrical Repair in Blaine, MN

Electrical-Repair-Blaine-MNYour car will not—cannot—run if its electrical system is not functioning properly. If you have had issues with one or more electrical components and have been lucky enough to avoid being stranded, you are fortunate to have the time to bring your car into our shop. If you have been stranded by a car whose electrical system failed at an inopportune moment, you now have the wisdom of knowing that you do not want it to happen again. The solution in either case is to bring your vehicle in to Clark Automotive and let our electrical mechanic, who is one of the best in the state, fix the problem. We provide fast diagnosis, a detailed cost estimate, and we are conveniently located for people who live in Blaine, Andover, and Ham Lake, MN.

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