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Nov 18, 2014

Car, Truck, SUV and Auto Brake Services and Repairs Blaine, MN

Brake Repair Blaine MNOur Blaine, MN Car, Truck, SUV and Auto Repair Shop deals with many clients that have experienced brake problems. In our previous blogs we have talked about the mechanics side of Brake Repair Services for your vehicle. Today we switch to the roll of the driver and what is important to notice when you suspect vehicle brake issues. If you have concerns about your brake and are in the Blaine, MN area drop by or call Clark Automotive Clinic and will not charge a fee to go on a test drive with you and discuss your options. In this article we will discuss specifically what the owner or operator of the car should be knowledgeable or observant of. Please review previous blogs for answers on vehicle issues we have already addressed, as it will add to your ability to use the following information.  The earlier articles are as follows, click on the links for answers:

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The Driver’s Observation is Key in Vehicle Brake Repairs

Starting the car is the first portion to determine if your vehicle has a spongy brake pedal or the brake pedal going to the floor. When you get in the car and start it, this is the start of the brake diagnostic process. You, the driver, will now know; did the brake pedal feel spongy or go all the way to the floor? Both observations should cause one to pause and evaluate if the car is truly drivable. So we will first cover these two situations. Both observations should be evaluated immediately, not next week.

Spongy Brake Pedal

By this we mean that the pedal travels closer to the floor than it normally does. Causes can be many, but heck it worked when you parked the car, what could have happened sitting on the driveway overnight? Well, after many years working on cars I can tell you it worked yesterday, but not today. It is not bad luck, just a reality that you need to address.

Should you drive the car? Should you call your repair shop? What can you check? Are the brakes working, will they hold the car?

If it is winter there could be an ice issue, which may go away after the car is driven a few feet and the brake pedal applied a few times. If the brakes are weak, but working perhaps you should bring it to your car mechanic for an evaluation. A soft brake pedal can be an indication that the rear brakes are out of adjustment or that a leak has developed and air is now in the brake system. In general there will most likely need to be a repair.

Brake Pedal that Goes to the Floor

By this we mean there is very little, to no braking and the pedal goes to the floor.   This could be because the brake system developed a leak and there is now no brake fluid in the reservoir or that air is in the brake hydraulic system   In general your car needs to be towed in to your mechanic and evaluated.

Auto Repair Shop in Blaine MN

Whether its a squeak, a spongy break pedal or a pedal that goes down to the floor, it is best to have a professional evaluate your vehicle’s brakes. Clark Automotive is a no-pressure, trustworthy and genuine mechanic shop that has highly experienced and qualified vehicle repair technicians ready to help you with your problems, not make them bigger.

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