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Oct 15, 2014

Car, Truck, SUV Brake Repair Services Blaine MN

Brake Repair Blaine MNIf your car, truck or SUV is in need of a brake replacement, repair or it’s running differently but you just don’t know why – Clark Automotive Repair Shop, located in Blaine, MN can offer you an affordable solution. We are a Blaine vehicle repair shop that is dedicated to helping our customers in any way we can. We are a no pressure vehicle maintenance and repair shop that is backed with over 17 years in the industry.

What Should a Brake Repairs Cost?

The first question, why are you thinking you need a brake repair for your car? If you, as the operator, have an observation about poor braking or noises, it will not cost you anything at Clark Automotive Clinic. We will go on a test drive with you and offer our recommendations. These recommendations can vary from doing some diagnostics; to saying you need rear brakes. Generally there is not much need for diagnostics, so let’s just move on to the question at hand, how much does a brake job cost? The braking system can be broken into three areas; the hydraulic area, the mechanical area, and finally the computerized control systems.

Different Types of Vehicle Brake Issues

Noises are generally mechanical, soft or low brake pedals are hydraulic, and the ABS and Traction control lights on your dash are the computer controls. So if we are just addressing noises it should end up being the mechanical aspects of the front or the rear brakes. Parts and labor for front or rear brakes will be in the vicinity of $200 to $350 dollars. You generally will not need to repair both the front and rear brakes at the same time. The variables in cost are caused by the quality of parts and differences in labor. If the estimate is much higher, then the repair shop will need to inform you about what they will be repairing beyond brake pads and rotors for the front or rear brakes.

Hydraulic Brake Repairs

The repair of the hydraulic portion of the brake system may or may not require diagnostics. If there is an obvious leak at a caliper or a rusted steel brake line an estimate can be prepared without diagnostics. Because there are so many variables there is no estimate in cost I can provide. If you are getting an estimate from an unknown repair shop because you’re having problems on the road, call you regular repair shop for advice. We at Clark Automotive welcome that request and will communicate with the other company to resolve questions you may have.

ABS Dash Light Lite Up

The repair of the computerized control systems can be difficult to diagnose. In short when the ABS light is on, you have your regular hydraulic brakes but do not have anti-lock brakes. This is not a safety issue, but for optimum braking should be repaired. Repair of this area of your brakes requires some level of trust between you and the repair shop. If that is not present we recommend a second opinion be sought. Again the cost of repair is all over the place and requires extensive trouble shooting and expensive parts.

If you have concerns about your vehicles brakes, would like us to complete a free test drive or are looking for a second opinion on another repair shops estimate drive in or call us today.

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