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May 5, 2019

Blaine Auto Repair Shop MinnesotaClark Automotive is a Blaine Auto Repair Shop in Minnesota that has provided our clients with excellent service and expert repairs on their automobiles for many years.  Repairing automobiles with our level of expertise not only returns customers’ vehicles to a desired state of safety, it has made us an important part of our Blaine, MN community.  The services we offer allow our customers to feel confident that their vehicles are at least as reliable as they were the day they bought them.  Clark Automotive understands that, to succeed as a business, it is important to be experts in our field and to provide excellent service and repairs that will last.

ASE Certified Mechanic in Blaine MN

The strong standards to which we adhere are defined by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, otherwise known as ASE Certification.  Auto repair shops that commit to ASE certification standards voluntarily commit to developing automotive expertise and service-delivery excellence.  Auto repair shops that do not adhere to the standards set by ASE run the risk of losing the trust of their clientele.  ASE provides Clark Automotive with the incentive to maintain excellent all-around service. What is even more important is that our ASE certification is a reminder to you, our customer, that we are dedicated to ensuring that you are confident in our repairs and have greater trust in our service to the community.  Your vehicle is an expensive investment.  Getting it repaired by an ASE-certified mechanic is a smart choice.

One important way that we adhere to ASE standards is by offering a wide range of repairs, all of which are offered with the hard-earned expertise of our staff.  On the off-chance that your vehicle’s problem defies our expertise, we will be honest with you about our limitation and will do our best to recommend an alternative. But the chances are good that we will be able to complete your repairs without issue.  Some of the categories of repairs in which we possess expertise are listed below:

  • Diagnostic services (e.g., if a warning light comes on) and electrical systems
  • Brakes, tire repair, tire rotation, and tire balancing
  • Timing belts
  • Steering, suspension, and alignment
  • Air-conditioner and heating
  • Exhaust systems

Trusted Local Auto Repair Shop in Blaine

In addition, we also service fleet vehicles and hybrids, provide pre-purchase inspections and second opinion estimates, perform scheduled maintenance (including oil changes and tune-ups), and offer loaner vehicles.  We are even qualified to perform bus and RV repair.

To schedule an appointment with our service team, call us at Clark Automotive at (763) 784-7944 or send an email to

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