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Jun 1, 2019

Blaine Auto Mechanic Every good automotive mechanic will tell you how important it is to get your vehicle in for service. Clark Automotive, your trusted Blaine Auto Mechanic goes a step further by communicating the importance of maintenance, but also the reasons why. Your vehicle is a big investment. If it is not properly maintained, it can cost you far more than you budgeted for. We do understand that life is busy, so we see it as part of our job to remind you of the importance of taking good care of your automotive investment.

Here are 5 signs that you need to get your car into our shop:

  1. The Check-Engine light comes on. The check-engine light can come on for any number of reasons, including a reminder for scheduled maintenance. But Clark Automotive can use the diagnostics available to us to determine the exact reason the light has come on. Some people ignore their check-engine light and this is not advisable as it can indicate a serious problem with your vehicle. It is extremely important to bring your car to us as soon as possible after the check-engine light illuminates.
  2. Issues with the transmission. If you notice that your car is having unusual trouble getting up to speed, it experiences surges when you are not pressing on the accelerator, or it produces odd sounds and/or vibrations, your car’s transmission may need to be repaired. It is important not to ignore the signs and get the problem properly diagnosed.
  3. Smoke coming from the engine. Smoke of any kind coming from any part of your car is not a good sign. But smoke coming from under the hood could indicate a problem with overheating. Left unchecked, your engine could suffer damage.
  4. Smoke coming from your exhaust system. If the smoke coming from your exhaust is a bluish color and has an acid smell to it, you likely have an oil leak. But again, smoke coming from anywhere in your car should be checked immediately.
  5. Evidence of leaks. Condensation from your air-conditioning unit will drip from under your car and create wet spots where you park—this is normal. Other liquids, however, should not be leaking from your car. If you see evidence of viscous substances—for example, oil or other colored fluids—on your driveway, you have a leak that must be found and fixed.

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Clark Automotive is the shop in Blaine, MN that can fix all of those problems for you and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Call us at (763) 784-7944 to schedule an appointment.

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