Benefits Of A Springtime Tune-Up

Apr 21, 2023

Benefits Of A Springtime Tune-UpAutomotive tune-ups should align with factory recommended maintenance for certain components of your car such as spark plugs and engine air filters. Most factory recommended maintenance manuals suggest changing your oil every 3,600 to 6,600 miles for optimal performance. However, you should generally wait at least 100,000 miles before replacing spark plugs or rotating tires; tire replacement should occur between 6,000-8,000 miles; engine air filter replacement can occur anywhere from 15,000-30000 miles. Identify if your vehicle is acting out of line by visiting Clark Automotive today for all its tune-up maintenance needs. Our staff of specialists is standing by to assist in keeping your car running more efficiently while helping prevent future issues from developing.

What Exactly Is A Tune-Up?

Answers will depend on which garage you visit; generally speaking, though, it refers to proactive and preventative maintenance that proactively addresses problem areas before they worsen, with repairs for smaller issues made as soon as they arise. Most tune-ups consist of inspecting the engine for any leaks, checking fuel filters and air filters as well as spark plugs/wires; additionally, it might examine PCV valve, battery health, engine belts/lights as well as tires if applicable.

Benefits Of Tuning Up Your Vehicle

Take a look at this list of benefits of tuning-up for your car:

Increased Fuel Mileage: Tune ups can correct small engine issues that reduce fuel efficiency. Other culprits could include worn brake pads or tires with misalignments or that require rotation, giving you the potential to make significant savings with today’s rising costs of fuel!
Smoother Ride: Are you having issues starting your car in the cold mornings? Your mechanic can quickly diagnose the cause – which could be any one of many internal components, like brake pads.
Turn off the Check Engine Light. Warning lights in your car are designed to communicate something, and consulting with a certified mechanic can help determine why this warning light has come on.

Blaine Tune-Up Specialist

As your vehicle ages, it should undergo more frequent tune-ups with its mechanic. By providing notice of any required repairs or preventive maintenance services, this will also ensure your engine runs at peak performance extending its lifespan and making driving safer overall.

Clark Automotive in Blaine, Minnesota provides professional vehicle tuning services and trusts our ASE Master Certified technicians with your care for optimal vehicle tuning services. Call (763) 784-7944 now to book your tune-up or email us today.

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