Automotive Brake Repairs Blaine MN – Part 2

Sep 16, 2014

Brake Repair Blaine MNClark Automotive Repair Shop, located in Blaine, MN would like to continue to add onto our latest blog titled – Automotive Brake Repairs Blaine MN – Part 1. We are a no pressure, no sales goal orientated vehicle repair shop that wants to help you steer clear of the other shops giving every repair facility a bad reputation. Let’s talk about how some may lure you in…

What about that advertised free brake inspection?

With so many vehicles in need of repairs that the operator has deferred or is not aware of, repair shops offer free brake inspections and cheap oil changes to increase revenue. To a degree, this is an honest exchange, it can make your car more operable and safer to drive. The difference here is that your car is in the shop and on the hoist just to check things out, not on a test drive. You are at a psychological disadvantage and may be more inclined to authorize a repair. Having a good working relationship with an automotive repair shop is the difference. The large national chain repair shop, with you responding to an advertised bargain, maybe the start of a problem. There are no bargains, they are all processes to get you into the shop and sell services.

Do not hesitate to get a second opinion regarding extensive auto repairs. Recently a new customer calls seeking just that, a second opinion. A large national shop had quoted him over $600 for a rear brake repair. Granted it had a 3 year 36,000 mile warranty, but the customer did not have that level of funds available. We accomplished the same job for $390 complete. This was an example of an honest estimate by a large shop. Free inspections more times than not lead to some overzealous marketing and support the belief all shops are out to get you and your hard earned money.

What you need to know about brake noise?

You, as the operator of the vehicle, can help when you can be as specific as possible about when, where, and how the noises occur. For example is the noise speed specific? Does it happen only when turning left or right? Or happens only when at the last few feet of a stop? The more facts that you can bring to the free test drive Clark Automotive provides the better. Brakes all make noise; we certainly want this noise to be insignificant. Generally a few squeaks coming from the front brakes are not a problem unless it becomes annoying. It is possible that this noise can be addressed inexpensively and without rebuilding your brakes. If you just had someone repair your brakes and they squeak bring your vehicle back to whomever serviced your brakes, it can be addressed.

If you want to make sure your car, truck or SUV is safe to drive, at no cost to you or pressure to complete any work, drive on by to Clark Automotive today – we are conveniently located right off Highway 65 near the Menard’s.

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