Automotive Brake Repairs Blaine MN – Part 1

Sep 14, 2014

Vehicle Brake Repairs and Replacement Blaine MN

Free Brake Inspection Blaine MNHere at Clark Automotive Clinic we would like to not only be your trusted Blaine, MN auto maintenance are repair shop but also a trusted source of knowledge; to help you, the vehicle owner, make appropriate decisions about when to head to the repair shop. We are a full service auto repair shop but let’s narrow the focus on vehicle brakes, the common noises they make and when and what to do about it.

What is that Annoying Brake Noise?

Your car is making strange noises when you step on the brakes. You have the option of ignoring it because you simply don’t have the time or money to address it.  If this is you, ignoring the noise may be an ok decision but make it from a position of knowledge. We at Clark Automotive do not charge for a test drive to start your decision making process. Many brake noises do not warrant immediate repair or pose a safety issue, but some noises are so serious that the car should not be driven.

At Clark Automotive Clinic we analyze numerous cars every day and can generally categorize your brake noise as to being serious or not, again at no charge. We are not offering you the proverbial “Free Brake Inspection”, that so many shops offer as a way to get your car in and sell you repairs. We simply don’t want the public or our clients driving an unsafe car or making unnecessary and expensive repairs. The twenty dollar oil change, the free brake inspection, the free twenty five point safety inspection are all tools to get your car in the shop and advise you of needed repairs to your vehicle. Of course this can be a positive experience, but generally is an uncomfortable event in your busy day.

So what is the difference at Clark Automotive Clinic in Blaine MN?

We are not giving you nor advertising any free inspections, simply a test drive to advise you about a noise you are concerned about. There are many studies showing that 30% and more of the cars rolling down the road need some type of suspension and or brake repair. So the free inspections can inform you of these needed repairs, but so often the service writer or the technician in the shop over sell or overstate safety aspects of the job.

Complete Automotive Repairs and Maintenance Blaine MN

If you hear a weird sound when you put your foot on the brakes, it may be a good time to head to a professional repair shop. Clark Automotive has the skills needed to give you an informed and knowledgeable opinion with just a test drive and none of the pressure to buy or make unneeded repairs. Whether we are your first stop or you need a second opinion you are welcome to call or drive on in.

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