Auto Repair Shop In Blaine

Mar 10, 2021

Auto Repair Shop In Blaine

Clark Automotive of Blaine, Minnesota, is an essential business, which means that we are open for business, and we have continued to serve our customers throughout the challenging last year. Even before the pandemic, we operated on the belief that a good auto repair shop is one that considers itself essential. But, as we all know, the term ‘essential’ has taken on new meaning in the time of Covid-19. Throughout history, we have recognized that an automobile is an important component of our lives. It takes us to and from our job; it picks up our kids at school; it helps complete grocery runs and ferries kids to soccer practice; and it even serves as a place for us to just drive and clear our heads during stressful times.

Even though we are seeing some good signs of emerging from one of the most stressful years in our country’s history, we still have a long way to go before normalcy returns. The team at Clark Automotive understands that this return to normal may come slowly, and we will continue to provide high quality, affordable and reliable auto repair service to our customers throughout this time.

Trusted Auto Repair Shop in Blaine, MN

Our auto mechanics are experts in auto repair, and they are all very good at explaining our findings and options for repair. We realize that our customers may not understand the specifics of auto repair and that is why we only hire people who are good at the technical work, and also good at explaining the technical work. We welcome your questions, and we are committed to answering them all to your satisfaction.

We can repair virtually any issue with your car or truck. We can complete simple repairs and routine maintenance – like an oil change and tire rotation – but we are also capable of identifying the source of a mysterious problem that arises in your vehicle. Our mechanics are problem solvers, and it does not really matter whether the problem can be fixed with a simple change of oil or if it requires greater time and attention. We are committed to finding the answer to the problem, and then addressing it in a reasonable and affordable way.

Comprehensive Vehicle Repair

If you own an older gasoline-powered vehicle or a fleet of hybrid vehicles, Clark Automotive is equally prepared to meet your needs. If you own an older car that gets you to and from work or if you need help with your exotic import, we have the knowledge and experience to complete the job. Give us a call at (763) 784-7944 to schedule an appointment or talk to a member of our team.

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