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Aug 25, 2019

Auto Repair in Blaine MNPeople who have solid references on their resumes are more likely to be seen favorable by employers when they interview for jobs. Even teenagers seeking new babysitting clients will provide parents with a short list of people who can vouch for their integrity and responsibility. The same principle applies to the auto repair industry, and Clark Automotive, trusted in Auto Repair in Blaine, is happy to have superior professional references (and certifications) to vouch for our professionalism, reliability, automotive knowledge and expertise.

ASE and AAA Certified Auto Repair Shop

One of the most important certifications we possess is from Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Receiving ASE-certification means that we have established practices that conform to the requirements and expectations determined by the ASE organization. We proudly adhere to the rigorous and exacting standards of ASE, and our customers are the primary beneficiaries of our effort. When you see the ASE-certification logo, you can feel confident that the automotive company you are working with is committed to honesty and integrity in the delivery of auto repair services.

Another vital certification that informs our work is from the American Automobile Association, better known as AAA (or Triple A). AAA is well-known nationally and demands that its approved auto repair shops offer not only expert repair and automotive knowledge, but exceptional customer service. AAA-approval is an indication that our shop hires dedicated auto repair technicians who have extensive knowledge of old and new vehicles. The combination of AAA-approval and ASE-certification makes Clark Automotive a repair shop you can trust.

Clark Automotive has worked hard to create a well-deserved reputation for accurate assessment of automotive issues, competitive pricing in delivering repairs, and communicating with our customers clearly and honestly. We understand that needing auto repairs can cause great stress on our customers, and one of our most important goals is to minimize, if not eliminate, that stress for you.

Trusted Auto Repair Shop in Blaine, MN

Fortunately, not all auto services that you might need are stressful. Scheduled maintenance on a new vehicle is not likely to reveal other issues, and we are happy to be your shop for scheduled maintenance. However, if you happen to have a more serious problem that takes you by surprise, we can help you out with that too. From oil and filter changes to tire and battery replacement and to more complicated engine diagnostics, Clark Automotive has the experience and expertise to fix your vehicle properly. In doing so, we will also work to earn your trust and confidence. If you have any questions, give us a call at (763) 784-7944.

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