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Jun 5, 2019

Auto Repair in Blaine Minnesota When their cars begin to make new and seemingly strange noises, the solution for many people is to turn the volume on their radio up. If I do not hear it, we sometimes think, maybe it will go away on its own. Psychologists will tell you that this form of denial is common among all of us. However, this type of denial can have consequences. The consequences of denying the presence of a problem with your car are unknown until you have it diagnosed by a competent and trusted auto repair shop. The cost of early detection is likely to be only financial; but left unchecked, the financial cost can grow and, depending on the nature of the problem, can quickly become a safety concern. At Clark Automotive, an Auto Repair in Blaine, Minnesota, we have built our reputation on helping vehicle owners minimize the financial cost of repairs by addressing them as soon as possible.

Trustworthy and Honest Auto Repair Shop in Blaine

Another reason that many people are hesitant to have their vehicles checked as soon as a problem arises is that they may not have an auto shop that they trust or know does good work. Clark Automotive is known in the Blaine, MN area for its success in being trustworthy and honest. When you have a problem with your vehicle, we want you to know that we have experience, knowledge of auto repair, and commitment to dealing honestly with our customers. This is a strong combination. Not all auto repair shops have made the effort to excel in each of those areas, but we have. And we want you to know that we have earned our place on your short list of numbers to dial when your car develops a problem.

The skills to become a good auto mechanic can be developed. When these skills are combined with developing depth of knowledge of all aspects of auto repair, you can be confident in the auto repairs you receive. We have worked hard to become better in each of those aspects of our business because we know that each one relies on the other to ensure the highest quality service to you – our customers.

Complete Auto Repair and Diagnostics

Our staff has a vast knowledge of a wide range of automotive issues. We can repair virtually any problem your car has developed including brake service and repair, heating and A/C service, electrical component repairs, steering, suspension and alignment repairs, timing belt replacement and exhaust system repair, just to name a few. To schedule service, call us at (763) 784-7944 or email us at

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