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Sep 28, 2014

Auro Repair Blaine MNIf your vehicle’s Radiator needs to be replaced or repaired and you’re in the Blaine, MN area Clark Automotive Repair Shop is your best option. We have been completing automotive repairs for over 17 years and take pride in our affordable and trustworthy approach, which our clients are grateful for. If you are in the Anoka, Andover, Blaine, Ham Lake or surrounding Minnesota areas and are looking for quality auto repair services stop by and see how your auto repair experience can change for the better. Here’s some information we feel would be useful, from the licensed mechanics at Clark Automotive:

Can the radiator be repaired?

Generally the radiator in our modern cars is not repairable. It is made of aluminum and plastic and is easily and affordably replaceable. We at Clark Automotive Clinic recommend that the exterior of your radiator be checked and cleaned occasionally, if possible. Minnesota seems to have a problem with cottonwood seeds and other local debris plugging the radiator fins. We’ve had calls about the air conditioner not blowing real cold air; it’s often caused because of the dirty radiator. Removal of the radiator and cleaning it is not generally a cost effective option. When the radiator removal is required for other repairs it should be cleaned, if real dirty and severely plugged up it should be replaced.

Cost to diagnose the cooling system for overheating?

We at Clark Automotive Charge $60 dollar diagnostics fee for checking your car for an overheating problem. We have an established test process that takes care of 90% of the problems. If that sequence of tests does not diagnose the overheating problem the customer is contacted and any options reviewed. The vast majority of the time when the diagnosis process fails it is due to the head gasket leaking exhaust gas into the cooling system, but not acting up at the time of the test.
The repairs to the cooling are varied, how do I know I’m getting treated fairly?
If you have doubts about the repairs being recommended, get a second opinion. You paid for the other shop to do a diagnostic on your car’s cooling system, they should provide you with a detailed estimate and explain what they are recommending. Most shops are fair, but it never hurts to get a second onion if you have doubts. I will offer reduced cost diagnostic charges if I have an estimate from the other shop.

Contact Clark Automotive Repair Shop today if you have questions, would like a diagnostic or a second opinion on an already performed diagnostic.

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