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Jun 10, 2018

Auto Mechanic Coon Rapids, MNClark Automotive, serves the Coon Rapids, MN area and offers comprehensive automotive repair and diagnostics. We provide fast, convenient and affordable repairs and customer service that is based on honest communication and respect for our customers. Our team values and appreciates the business that our clients bring us and we understand that the best way to maintain a strong client relationship is to provide you with only excellent service. We offer a full range of auto services, from minor repairs like windshield wiper replacement to major engine repairs and diagnostics that you find in new computerized technology in modern cars.

Comprehensive Auto Repair Services

Minnesota can be tough on your car, as you know. Bright sun, high temperatures, and hail during the summer are not as familiar as the frigid winter months but both take a toll on your vehicle. Severe weather of any kind can take a huge toll on car or truck batteries, hoses, and other vital components of your car. And when you find that your car needs repair, you want the repairs done affordably and correctly. The Clark Automotive crew will do only the work on your car that is needed after you have given us the approval to do that work. We care about your experience as a customer and want to make sure that the work we do on your car actually solves the problem. We make an investment in good communication by talking with you to make sure you understand the work we recommend.

Our auto shop can complete all kinds of repairs on your car, truck, bus, or RV, new or old. Some of our most common repairs include:

● Brake Service and Repair
● Tire Rotation And Balancing
● Timing Belt Replacement
● Steering, Suspension and Alignment Repairs
● Exhaust System Repair
● Starter and Alternator Replacement Repairs
● Electrical Component Repairs
● Heating and Air Conditioning Service
● Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection
● Scheduled Maintenance Service
● Warning Lights/Diagnostic Service
● Oil Change & Tune up
Second Opinions on Vehicle Repair Estimates

Trusted Auto Mechanics, Coon Rapids, MN

Our auto mechanics know that you can take your car to other auto shops, but we would rather you choose us. Our motivation is to do your job right the first time so that you trust us enough to come back if your car develops problems in the future. We want loyalty to be a two-way street.

Clark Automotive will work with you to solve the problems you’re having with your car. If you have an old beater car or a brand-new one, we want you to feel confidence in the work we do on your car. To set up an appointment, give us a call at 763-784-7944 or email us at We look forward to serving you.

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