Auto Diagnostics Blaine MN – Part 2

Aug 29, 2014

Vehicle Repairs Blaine MNDon’t Leave Vehicle Issues Unresolved

When the general Diagnostic Code Test alone doesn’t answer the vehicle’s exact problem, more specific diagnostic tests need to be performed. Clark Automotive Clinic, located in Blaine, MN loves the challenge and rarely faces a puzzling vehicle issue because of our over 17 years as a company, extensive knowledge, equipment and tools. We offer a more extensive diagnostic test for $60 or less, also known as troubleshooting.

It is common knowledge that people want to act like they know a thing or two at the automotive repair shop, so they don’t get taken advantage of. Regardless if you know something or nothing the fact of the matter is doing so is more a reflection of the vehicle repair shop and not you. But there are a few things to keep in mind when going to an auto mechanic for vehicle repairs.

What not to do at the Auto Repair Shop

When we start the troubleshooting process the worst things you can do, as the customer, is tell the technician what to fix. Some shops will do what you have asked them to do and then call you and tell you what really needs repair. This is a touchy area but to avoid this miscommunication, at Clark Automotive we generally spend a few minutes confirming what you are asking us to repair. If we have doubts about what repairs you’re asking for we will communicate this to you and suggest a diagnostic procedure.

A good example of this would be your car is missing (misfiring) and you’re asking for a tune-up. We look at the fault codes and determine that the fault codes are for lean bank one and bank two, as well as a code for random misfire. You are 40,000 miles short of the recommended tune-up, which is over $300 dollars. In our general experience the real cause is not the tune-up, but rather a vacuum leak, exhaust leaks, or fuel management problems, requiring diagnostics.

Auto Troubleshooting

The process of trouble shooting the automobile of today is compounded by the complexity, as well as the intermingling of the many operational systems on today’s cars:

  • There‘s the transmission shop that starts to do tune-ups, because so many people bring cars in for a transmission repair, when it really needs a tune-up.
  • There is the ongoing mystery of the car not running correctly and it ends up being an exhaust repair for a plugged catalytic converter.

There are things that you, as the vehicle operator, can do to save you money. One, think a about what it is that constitutes your complaint. Ask yourself a few questions when noticing a misfire:

  • Does it miss only when first started or only after fully warmed up?
  • Is the lack of power only exhibited when at highway speeds?
  • Is the backfire only when decelerating?
  • Does the engine seem to be running too cold and your complaint is poor fuel economy?

These observations, along with the fault codes will help orientate the diagnostics and allow for a more effective repair. The trouble shooting process is supported by a variety of test equipment and diagnostic support programs. We at Clark automotive utilize modern equipment to support the process, as well as outside diagnostic resources for diagnostic procedures, and symptom protocols. We have available all the factory recalls and will call the factory dealership if in doubt. We also have the factory service bulletins that tell the technicians in the field what others have reported back to the factory and what the factory has discovered after some research.

Straight Forward Auto Answers

We are professional and courteous but we like to keep our answers strait forward and clear. We don’t want you to spend your hard-earned money on repairs that aren’t necessary, so we don’t offer them. We can tell you what’s likely coming up in a month, six months or a year but we don’t present the information like it is of immediate concern.

Call Clark Automotive at 763-784-7944 today if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment!

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