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Car Pre-Inspection

Pre-Purchase Inspection CompanyClark Automotive of Coon Rapids, MN, also serves the communities of Blaine, Spring Lake Park, and Lino Lakes. Clark Auto is among the best auto shops in Minnesota, providing affordable repairs and always honest service. Our mechanics appreciate your business and understand that the best way to keep you coming back is to give you excellent service and affordable prices. They offer a full range of auto services, from minor repairs, major overhauls, and diagnostics. One very important service offered by Clark Automotive is specifically for potential buyers of pre-owned cars. Clark Auto’s thorough pre-inspection process will help you decide whether the car you’re considering buying is worth the investment, or if you should keep looking.

Inspecting a Previously Owned Vehicle

Buying a new car is a very important decision. And, if you’re thinking of buying a car previously owned by someone else, you should be able to feel confident about your purchase. If you are not yourself a mechanic, taking your possible new auto to Clark Automotive for a thorough, expert, and dispassionate appraisal can give you the confidence you need to make the purchase or to walk away. We will help you make an informed choice. This is all the more important when you consider how hard Minnesota can be on automobiles. Extremes of weather and temperature can hasten the need for attention to batteries, hoses, and other essential components of your car, and if you’re buying someone else’s car, you won’t know how well they’ve treated that car, unless you take it to a trusted mechanic like Clark Automotive.

Auto Repair Services, Blaine MN

Not all mechanics care about your car-buying or car-owning experience like Clark Automotive. Other mechanics see your car as just another in a line of problems they need to fix. But the mechanics of Clark Auto know that you can take your car to any other auto shop, and when you’re trying to decide whether or not to purchase a previously owned car, the decision can be more difficult when you don’t have the training to know what to look for. The mechanics of Clark Auto do have the training to find small things that could be wrong with your potential purchase. When you take your car to Clark Automotive, you will know that the staff will offer you an objective appraisal of the car you’re considering buying.

After you take your car to Clark Auto for the first time, you will understand that their professionalism covers virtually every aspect of auto repair. Below are some of the additional services offered by Clark Automotive:

● Alternators
● engine tune-ups
● climate system repairs
● radiators; dead battery replacement
● computer diagnostics
● electrical systems
● starter replacement
● steering problems
● timing belts
● brakes
● suspension systems
● 4-wheel alignment
● tires
● comprehensive engine repair

If you’re considering buying a used car, take it to Clark Auto to make sure it has the best chance of being a good purchase for you. Call our team at 763-784-7944 or come by our Davenport St NE location.

Top Rated Blaine Mechanic

Top Rated Blaine MechanicAre you looking for a full-service auto shop that you can trust for all of your automotive needs? At Clark Automotive, we offer a variety of automotive services, including vehicle repairs and maintenance, providing loaner cars when you’re in need of a short-term solution, selling used and refurbished vehicles, and more. At our top-rated mechanic shop, we provide automotive services in Blaine, Coon Rapids and Lino Lakes, MN, helping everyone who stops by our garage have the best possible experience, whether they’re buying a new used car or they’re simply stopping in for a quick oil change.

Auto Maintenance and Repair Services

Are our auto repair chop, we provide a range of vehicle maintenance and repair services intended to help your vehicle run smoothly day in and day out. We wouldn’t be able to do this if we didn’t offer the most comprehensive list of maintenance and repair services possible, including:

• Alternator Replacements and Repairs
• Automobile Tune-Up Service
• Battery Replacements
• Brake Replacements and Repairs
• Warning Lights and Other Computer Diagnostic Services
• Electrical Component Repairs
• Engine Repairs
• Exhaust System Repairs and Replacements
• Fleet Services
• Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repairs
• Oil Changes and Tune-ups
• Radiator Repairs
• Starter Replacements and Repairs
• Steering Repairs
• Suspension Repairs
• Timing Belt Replacement
• Tire Rotation and Balancing
• Truck, Bus and RV Repair
• Vehicle Alignment Repairs
• Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection and State Inspections
• Vehicle Repair Estimates (Including Second-Opinion Repair Estimates)

If you’re in need of any of these vehicle repair or maintenance services, there’s no better place than Clark Automotive, a top-rated Blaine mechanic that’s been recognized by our customers for our excellent services across the board.

Refurbished Vehicles for Sale

In addition to offering our vehicle maintenance and repair services, we’re also in the used car business, buying and selling quality used cars. If you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality used car, you won’t be disappointed with a vehicle from our shop. We perform thorough pre-purchase vehicle inspections so that you don’t have to have any hesitation when buying your vehicle, and we make sure that every car we sell has been fully repaired and maintained before we put them up for sale. This ensures that you’re completely satisfied with any vehicle you choose and that you won’t be blindsided by expensive repairs right after making your purchase.

Loaner Cars for Your Convenience

Something unique about Clark Automotive is our loaner car service, offering our customers loaner cars to get by while their cars are being repaired! If you can’t get through the week – or even the day – without a vehicle, you don’t have to worry about paying for an expensive rental car or depending on others to drive you; you can use our affordable loaner car service to make sure you aren’t inconvenienced by any repairs to your vehicle. To schedule maintenance with our Blaine, Coon Rapids and Lino Lakes, Minnesota top-rated mechanics, contact us today at 763-784-7944, or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

Automotive Repair Services Blaine MN

vehicle repairs certified mechanic near Blaine, MNFor over 17 years Clark Automotive has been providing quality vehicle repairs for Blaine, MN and the local area residents and business owners. The automotive repairs provided include, brake replacement, electrical repairs, starter replacement, engine diagnostics, timing belt replacement, HVAC services and so much more! There are no sales associates at Clark Automotive, so you will never be pushed into purchasing nonessential items or services.

Whether your shocked at the price that another auto repair shop quoted you or your sick of bouncing around from one auto mechanic to another, Clark Automotive offers you services you can trust and afford. Without the pushy sales or high priced labor of those large auto repair shops. We are a no pressure repair shop that preforms quality repairs with friendly, down to earth service.

Benefits of Regular Repair and Maintenance Blaine MN

A high preforming vehicle saves you money, the miles per gallon are higher, saving you on gas and fluid won’t leak enough to cause any dramatic problems to the vehicle, like overheating. It’s important to make sure that you maintain your vehicle so you can continue to drive it for years to come or sell it for a good price.

There are some mileage markers as to when vehicle maintenance should be a high priority on your list.

Top Vehicle Maintenance Issues Usually Occur Around:

  • 40,000 miles
  • 70,000 miles
  • 100,000 miles

Blogs will follow regarding the major maintenance that’s usually required at the specific mileages mentioned above. But because your vehicle endures daily use and abuse they aren’t all like clock work, a lot of the repairs and maintenance needed are a direct affect of the driver or others on the road. Just because your car doesn’t have 40,000 miles on it doesn’t mean that something can’t go wrong. And hopefully you’ve got a warranty that covers the repairs, if your not sure, Clark Automotive can check.

Professional Services and Fast Results

Clark Automotive is dedicated to offering you quality services at affordable prices and we can offer you that with a smile, because we love what we do! If you have questions about any automotive repair needs or services contact Clark Automotive today at 763-784-7944!

Certified Auto Mechanic

Certified Auto MechanicWhat exactly does it mean to be “certified”? Can you be certifiably crazy? We looked up some pretty ridiculous certifications throughout the US. Want to sell flowers in Louisiana? Be ready to get a certification for it. Looking to give some interior design advice? Well, you better get your certification in certain states first! Some have said this certification is more demanding than an EMT certification! Stop! Don’t touch that shampoo! If you are in Tennessee, to shampoo your client’s hair would require lots of cash and two exams before your certification is complete. There are some pretty ridiculous things out in this world that require a certification. One place where it’s not ridiculous to have a certification: an auto repair shop. At Clark Automotive, we have a team of certified auto mechanics that have been serving as your trusted repair and diagnostics center for over 17 years. If you live in Blaine, Coon Rapids, Spring Lake Park, or Lino Lakes, Clark Automotive is the right auto mechanic for you.

ASE Master Technicians

When you are looking for a reliable, certified technician, what exactly are you searching for? At Clark Automotive, our technicians are ASE certified. This means that the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence has rendered them to be master technicians in their field. For this certification, you must have at least two years of relevant hands-on experience as an auto mechanic and then pass a series of group tests. These tests include master examinations for automobile care, collision repair, heavy trucks, school buses, transit buses, truck equipment, diesel engines, drive trains, brakes, suspension and steering, electronic/electrical systems, heating and air conditions, etc. This is only a sampling of test topics that must be done every 5 years in order to maintain their status.

AAA Approved Facility

In addition to being ASE Master Technicians, we keep our facility in tip top shape as well. We are a certified AAA approved facility. In order to achieve this, we routinely undergo a comprehensive investigation to meet stringent quality standards. We are certified to be a name that all customers can trust.

At Clark Automotive, we can go on and on about being your ideal certified auto mechanic. We are more than equipped to help you with all of your automobile needs. However, our mission isn’t to gain all different types of certifications and accolades. It’s simply to provide outstanding customer service at an affordable price to our loyal customers in the Blaine, Coon Rapids, Spring Lake Park, and Lino Lakes, MN areas. If you are searching for a quality repair shop, choose your local certified auto mechanic at Clark Automotive. Call us today at (763) 784-7944.

Electrical Problem Car Help

Electrical-Repair-Blaine-MNNo matter how car savvy you are at home, sometimes you need a reliable mechanic to diagnose and treat the complicated stuff. It’s like going to the doctor. When it’s just a cold, you can stay at home, take some medicine and be done with it. However, when it’s something more than that, it’s best you visit a doctor. Likewise, Clark Automotive is your Blaine, Minnesota auto-mechanic that will see you through anything from your routine check ups to some serious electrical problems. Whether you know a lot about cars or not, electrical issues are best dealt with by the experts at Clark Automotive.

The Electrical Components of a Car

So what exactly constitutes as electrical in a car? Basically, if it doesn’t need gas and oil to go, it’s electric! Everything from your windshield wipers to your radio is considered an automotive electrical component. If you have any problems with the following, consider taking your vehicle in to be checked:

● Power Window Problems
● Power Lock Issues
● Power Steering Failures
● Headlights, Dome Lights and other External Lights Not Working
● Windshield Wiper Problems
● Defroster Failure
● Audio and Video Devices Not Turning On
● Dash Control Not Working

Now, all of these problems can be solitary issues and end up being a simple fix. However, there can also be more than meets the eye.

Electrical Repair Services

To use the most obvious example, many people will get into their car and get ready to take off and nothing will start – not even the radio. No power steering, no windows, nothing! This likely indicates that there is some sort of electrical issue going on. It’s not a single function that is bad but rather the power source that feeds multiple functions that has gone sour. This is why battery testing, replacement, and battery cable repairs are an important service we offer here at Clark Automotive. Other electrical repair services we offer include:

● Battery Testing
● Battery Replacement
● Battery Cable Repair
● Battery Cable Replacement
● Starter Repair
● Starter Replacement
● Alternator Repair
● Alternator Replacement
● Electrical Component Repair
● Electrical Component Replacement
● Electrical Wire Harness Diagnostics Repair

At Clark Automotive, we want the best for you and your vehicle. We are an affordable, local auto repair shop that has been providing services to this community for over 17 years. Our certified technicians are thorough in every electrical repair that we perform. We pride ourselves in outstanding customer service at an affordable price. For more information about your Blaine, MN repair shop, contact Clark Automotive today at (763) 784-7944 or send us an email at info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

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