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Mechanic with Loaner Cars

ase-certified-master-technicianAre you in desperate need of a vehicle while yours is in the shop? Have you thought of everyone who could possibly lend you their vehicle for a few days and come up empty-handed? At Clark Automotive, we understand that you can’t put your life on hold when something goes wrong with your vehicle, and you can’t always find someone to lend you theirs. That’s why we offer loaner cars to all of our customers in need of transportation while their vehicles are being repaired or otherwise. If you’ve broken down, if your vehicle has been totaled, or if you need to have your vehicle serviced over a number of days, don’t worry about missing work or appointments; just borrow a loaner car! Our auto shop provides loaner cars in Spring Lake Park, Blaine, Coon Rapids and Lino Lakes, MN, helping our customers live their lives without the inconvenience of being without a vehicle.

Breakdown Loaner Cars and Courtesy Rides

When your vehicle first breaks down, you might not be thinking about how you’re going to get through the next day – or even the next week – without a vehicle because you might not yet know just how bad the damage to your vehicle is. Whether you’ve been in an accident or simply broken down, you’re probably focused on how you’re getting home and how you’re getting your vehicle to a repair shop – we’ll take care of that for you. If you’re stranded with a broken down car, don’t wait around for hours for someone to come get you, and don’t feel you have to walk to the nearest town; just give us a call! We’ll give you a courtesy ride and set you up with a loaner car so that you can get anywhere you need to go. With service like this available, there’s no reason to be stressed when your vehicle breaks down – you’ll know you’re prepared and have a team of mechanics and friends behind you.

Loaner Cars During Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

Whether you’re bringing your vehicle in for routine maintenance or scheduled repairs, a breakdown or an accident, we’ve got you covered. While your vehicle is being tended to, rather than having to wait around for hours, call someone to drive you home, find a way to get to work without your vehicle, or otherwise, we’ll provide you with a loaner car. You can enjoy the benefits of a loaner car no matter what services you need, including any of our many maintenance and repair services:

• Alternator Replacements and Repairs
• Battery Replacements
• Brake Replacements and Repairs
• Warning Lights and Other Computer Diagnostic Services
• Electrical Component Repairs
• Engine Repairs
• Exhaust System Repairs and Replacements
• Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repairs
• Radiator Repairs
• Starter Replacements and Repairs
• Steering Repairs
• Suspension Repairs
• Timing Belt Replacement
• Vehicle Alignment Repairs
• And more!

If you’re looking for a Blaine, Coon Rapids, Spring Lake Park or Lino Lakes, Minnesota mechanic with loaner cars, contact Clark Automotive today at 763-784-7944, or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.

Vehicle Repair Shop Blaine MN

Auto RepairIf you’re in search of an automobile repair shop in the Blaine, MN area – Clark Automotive Clinic is Minnesota’s most trustworthy and affordable choice. We’ve been in the vehicle repair industry for over 17 years, our shop is family owned, as well as committed to providing the highest quality repairs at the lowest available prices.

Auto Repairs for your busy Schedule

No one plans on needing automobile repairs but with over half of America owning vehicles, there’s bound to be a break down, crash or died vehicle on the roads. Even a flat tire isn’t a hassle we ‘pencil in’ to our fast-pace life, it just happens; whether it’s at home, in a parking lot or on the highway. Because of this, it’s good to know dependable auto repair mechanics and Clark Automotive is a shop that consists of only that!

If your daily plans have seemed to come to a halt because of your vehicle, before you cancel that appointment or calling-in to work or school call Clark Automotive. Our auto repair specialists are located just off highway 65 in Blaine, MN. We can generally provide same day repair services and if needed, we’re willing to drive you to where you need to go while we look at your vehicle or you can take a loaner car.

Vehicle Safety Matters

Quality repairs equal safety and high performance. Our mechanics are dedicated to your safety. Vehicles run at speeds of 60 miles per hour – daily, a little problem can turn into a huge incident and fast. We are here to ensure your safety by making the necessary repairs and helping you maintain your vehicle.

Simple Ways to Increase Vehicles Safety:

  • Continue to get your tires rotated every 3,000-7,000 miles.
  • Never drive on low tire pressure and see a professional if the tire pressure continues to decrease even after a fill.
  • If your vehicle ‘feels off’ take it to a trusted mechanic, it more than likely is ‘off’-Clark Automotive will look at your vehicle at no charge- just drive on in!
  • After 100,000 miles get a tune up- it will save you in the long run.

No Salesman- Just Auto Repair Technicians

When you choose Clark Automotive, you’re choosing a professional automobile repair technician – Owned and Operated by Chuck Clark himself. There are no bonuses for up sales, no ‘products of the week’, just true mechanics, doing what they enjoy and what there good at. There’s a no-pressure atmosphere and focus. When you bring in your vehicle for a specific reason, we will give you the answer you want – not twenty other answers to questions you never even asked.

Quality Vehicle Repairs Blaine MN

Call Clark Automotive today at 763-784-7944 or stop by:

9985 Davenport St NE Blaine MN 55449 –Located behind Menard’s off Central

We’re open 8 am to 5 pm, Monday – Friday, if you need repairs not in that time-frame call us, we’ll work something out!

Brake Installation Blaine MN

Don’t Ignore Your Brakes!

Brake Repair Blaine MNAre your brakes squeaking? Have they been for a while? Or maybe you’re worried because you now have to put your brake petal all the way to the floor to fully stop – if this sounds like something you’re dealing with contact Clark Automotive. We offer Automobile Brake Installation Services for Blaine, MN and the surrounding areas. Don’t wait to get your brakes fixed, they are one of the most important mechanisms on your vehicle.

Brakes Keep Everyone Safe

Neglecting to service your brakes can be harmful to you, your loved ones and everyone else on the road. Imagine, if just once, your brakes didn’t bring your vehicle to a slow halt. That’s scary, the results can be extremely damaging and even fatal.

Not only are brakes an extremely crucial for safety but they are used very frequently. In one trip it’s not uncommon to brake over ten times – every shift, turn, stop sign, red light, speed limit reduction, slow moving for the vehicle ahead of you and to arrive safely at your final destination. Don’t keep putting brake repairs off, you use them more than you notice.

Worn Brake Pads Cost Extra

If the safety isn’t enough to get you to pick up your phone, than the cost might. If you continue to drive on extremely worn brake pads the material will wear down to nothing. Which leaves you with the metal caliper grinding against the rotor, this leads to less effective braking and then you’ll not only need your brake pads replaced but you’ll also need to get your rotors resurfaced or replaced. The effects add up.

Brake Replacement Services Blaine MN

If you know your due for a brake replacement or you’re listening to your squealing tires call Clark Automotive, we offer affordable automotive brake replacement services. Call us today and we’ll get you in as soon as we can, our number is 763-784-7944!

Starter Replacement

Top Rated Blaine MechanicThe mechanics of Clark Auto understand that we rely on our cars tremendously. On occasion, an essential part of our cars—the starter—needs to be replaced. Clark Automotive, which serves Blaine, Lino Lakes, Spring Lake Park, Coon Rapids, Ham Lake, Andover, and many other Minnesota communities, will replace your malfunctioning starter professionally and with competitive pricing. Our team understands that you have many choices in the area when it comes to getting your car repaired, and we set ourselves apart by providing high quality work and a commitment to honest communication with our customers. In addition to repair for something as essential as a new starter, our crew can also complete brake repair, brake replacement, rotors, and brake pads.

Reputable Auto Repair Shop in Minnesota

Even if you treat your car like a machine that gets you from point A to point B, you likely still understand the importance of basic safety and not wanting to be stranded in a deserted parking lot because your starter just failed. Your car’s starter is essential for getting you from point A to point B, and if it’s showing signs of failing, or even hesitating, Clark Automotive should be your choice for responding to the issue.

Clark Automotive knows that you can take your car to any mechanic to have your starter replaced or repaired, and as a result, when you choose us, we show their appreciation by treating you fairly, respectfully, and honestly. Clark Auto is different because our staff wants to help you trust our assessments of your car’s issues, and starter replacement is our specialty. We want you to come back if and when your car needs service, and we want you to feel good about your decision.

Comprehensive Auto Repair

Clark Auto works hard to convince you to come back when your car experiences issues, and they want you to understand their commitment to making only the necessary repairs to your car. Clark Auto trains its mechanics not only to fix your car, but to prevent future issues. We have all had the experience of discovering a problem with our car that confounds our mechanic. And if there is one thing we have all experienced it is finding a problem with our cars that happens every time we drive it, and then it disappears when we take it to our mechanic. Clark Auto’s mechanics will not simply dismiss the problem. Instead, they will consider all possibilities and test each one methodically.

If your car is making clunking, whining noises, or does nothing at all when you turn the key, your starter may need replacement. Call our team at 763-784-7944 to schedule an appointment.

Second Opinion Auto Shop

Clark-Auto-LogoClark Automotive of Blaine, Minnesota, is a full-service automotive mechanic shop. As part of our commitment to honesty and creating a loyal customer base, our staff offers a Second-Opinion service so that you can feel assured that the money you are about to spend on your car is necessary. Our mechanics want you to know that you can count on them to give you accurate and honest information about what is going on with your car. If you live in Lino Lakes, Spring Lake Park, Coon Rapids, Blaine, or any number of other communities in the Minnesota area, Clark Automotive should be your first choice when you need a second opinion about what is happening with your car.

Honest Minnesota Auto Shop

There are many things that make Clark Automotive different than other auto mechanics, but arguably the most important is Clark Automotive’s commitment to honesty and to communicating effectively with their clients, especially when you are in need of a second opinion. Most auto repair mechanics simply do not care enough about your experience with their shops, but Clark Auto wants you to have the most accurate information available.

Our team understands that you can choose to take your car to any repair shop. When you choose to take your car to Clark Automotive, you will feel appreciated and welcomed, not manipulated and played. The way that Clark Automotive expresses that appreciation is by treating you well by giving you an honest, dispassionate appraisal of your car. Clark then delivers on its promises and communicates with you about the nature of repairs needed and the best estimate of their cost.

Not all auto shops can make such claims. Clark Automotive is different because the staff wants to succeed as a business by being honest with the people who bring their cars to them. Good business practices involve convincing customers to return. Not-so-good business practices involve manipulating or downright lying to customers about the nature of their car’s problems. Clark Automotive is committed to your wanting to bring your car back to them.

If you are in need of a second opinion, check out the list below for the kinds of services on which Clark Auto can provide a second opinion:

● Alternator repair and replacement
● Full tune-ups
● Climate systems
● Radiators
● Battery replacement
● Computer diagnostic issues
● Electrical problems
● Starter replacement
● Steering problems
● Timing belts
● Brakes
● Suspension issues
● Alignment
● Tire replacement and tire rotation
● Engine repair

If you have an automotive problem that does not appear on this list, know that you can take your car to Clark Auto and they will very likely be able to help you identify the issue. Call us today at 763-784-7944 to make an appointment for a second opinion.

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